Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
    A Revolutionary Breakthrough: Raspberry Pi Enables Sign Language Translation

    In a groundbreaking development, entrepreneur and innovator Prabhjot Singh has unveiled his latest creation called Deaf Link, a Raspberry Pi-powered device that aims to bridge the gap in communication for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. This groundbreaking project utilizes advanced technology to convert sign language into audible speech and vice versa, thanks to the integration of a robotic hand.

    The first mode, known as sign to speech, utilizes a camera module attached to the Raspberry Pi to capture sign language movements. Extensive data processing is then carried out using cutting-edge technologies such as OpenCV, MediaPipe, and Google TensorFlow, which utilize a vast database of sign language images. Once the sign language gesture is identified, it is seamlessly translated into audio, which is then emitted through a speaker.

    The second mode, speech to sign, enables speech to be converted into sign language. An audio input is detected through a microphone and processed using Google’s speech to text API. The text output is then sent to an Arduino board using an MQTT broker, which further drives servos within the robotic hand, accurately reproducing the text as sign language.

    Singh utilizes the power of a Raspberry Pi 4 B, along with an Arduino Nano 33 IoT, as the main boards driving this revolutionary project. Additional hardware components include a Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 and a Razer Seiren Mini microphone. To ensure a seamless integration, custom housing is utilized to house all the components securely.

    For those interested in delving into the technical aspects of this remarkable project, you’re in luck. Singh has generously made the entire project open source, providing a detailed project guide on, enabling enthusiasts to fully comprehend the intricacies of this innovative breakthrough.

    To witness the incredible capabilities of this Raspberry Pi-driven marvel, a captivating demo video has been uploaded to Singh’s YouTube channel. By following Singh’s channel, you can stay updated on future developments and explore his other awe-inspiring creations.


    Q: What is Deaf Link?
    A: Deaf Link is a Raspberry Pi-powered device created by Prabhjot Singh that translates sign language into spoken words and vice versa.

    Q: How does Deaf Link work?
    A: Deaf Link utilizes a camera module and advanced image processing technologies to convert sign language gestures into speech. It also employs a microphone and speech recognition API to convert speech into sign language gestures using a robotic hand.

    Q: What components are used in Deaf Link?
    A: Deaf Link utilizes a Raspberry Pi 4 B, an Arduino Nano 33 IoT, a Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3, and a Razer Seiren Mini microphone.

    Q: Is the project open-source?
    A: Yes, Prabhjot Singh has made the entire project open-source and has provided a project guide for enthusiasts to explore and replicate the technology.

    Q: Where can I find a demo video of Deaf Link?
    A: A demo video of Deaf Link can be found on Prabhjot Singh’s YouTube channel.