Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    Niftski Sets New World Record in Super Mario Bros. Speedrun

    Summary: Speedrunner Niftski has set a new world record in the popular game Super Mario Bros. by completing it in under 4 minutes and 55 seconds. This record-breaking run matches the performance of a “perfect” tool-assisted speedrun and surpasses the previous ideal human performance standard. Niftski’s achievement is notable for integrating a technique called “Lightning 4-2,” previously thought to be impossible for a human. With this new record, Niftski aims to continue pushing the boundaries of speedrunning and improve his performance even further.

    In speedrunning, Niftski’s accomplishment is comparable to breaking the four-minute mile barrier. His new world record is just 0.35 seconds away from the performance of a tool-assisted speedrun, bringing the battle between man and machine closer than ever before.

    The “Lightning 4-2” technique requires pixel-perfect execution and involves exploiting a glitch in the game to quickly advance through a level. While previously considered only achievable through tool-assisted runs, Niftski managed to match the time in a real-time attack using a slightly different approach. With the help of runner KingOfJohnnyBoy, a more consistent method was developed, making the Lightning 4-2 technique viable for human speedrunners.

    Niftski’s record-setting run combined the Lightning 4-2 technique with other advanced strategies, such as fast accelerations and precise glitches, to skip animations and optimize gameplay. The video of the full run showcases Niftski’s excitement and intense focus, with his heart rate reaching 188 bpm by the end of the run.

    While Niftski has achieved an impressive feat, he sees this as a stepping stone towards further improvement. His goal is to push the speedrunning category to its limits and continue lowering the time as much as possible. With seven levels already executed flawlessly, Niftski now aims to complete the final level, 8-4, with even greater efficiency to match the performance of a tool-assisted speedrun.

    – Embedded YouTube video of Niftski’s record-breaking run