Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
    Teachers from Pilot Schools in Guyana Receive Robotics Training to Enhance Literacy Program

    Teachers from pilot schools in Regions Two, Three, Nine, and Ten in Guyana are participating in Robotics training workshops to enhance the Ministry of Education’s Literacy and Robotics Programme. The first workshop, aimed at Grade Four teachers, started yesterday and will run until Friday. The training is being held at the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD) auditorium.

    The workshop, facilitated by NCERD Robotics Programme Coordinator Ms. Petal Kadir, is designed to build the capacity of teachers and familiarize them with the robotics kit. Upon completion of the training, the participating teachers will serve as resource guides in their respective schools.

    In addition to the ongoing workshop for teachers in Regions Two and Three, another workshop will be held next week for teachers in Regions Four, Five, and Six. The workshops for Regions Nine and Ten will be conducted in Lethem and Linden, respectively.

    The Literacy and Robotics program, launched earlier this year by the Ministry of Education, is a collaborative effort between the National Department of Literacy and NCERD. The program aims to improve learners’ literacy levels while incorporating the use of technology. It aligns with the ministry’s goal of ensuring that every child is a fluent reader by Grade Four.

    By providing teachers with Robotics training, the Ministry of Education is equipping them with the necessary tools to enhance the literacy program and promote the use of technology in the classroom. This initiative will empower teachers to better engage students and create an interactive learning environment that fosters both literacy skills and technological literacy.

    – Ministry of Education, Guyana
    – National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD)