Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
    Better Days: A Revolutionary Approach to Robotic Restaurants

    In an era where robotic-run restaurants have become somewhat commonplace, Remy Robotics, a Spanish foodservice robotics company, is redefining the industry with their innovative approach. Their latest venture, Better Days, is a health-focused, fast-fine restaurant in New York City that leverages Remy Robotics’ cutting-edge robotics platform to power a fully automated dining experience.

    Unlike traditional robot-run eateries that rely solely on machines to handle food preparation, Better Days takes a different route. At this new restaurant, humans handle menu preparation off-site, while robots take over for the final touches on-site. This unique combination of human expertise and robotic precision results in a seamless, streamlined operation that promises consistent quality and efficiency.

    Remy Robotics envisions expanding their robotic restaurant concept throughout North America, with Better Days as just the beginning. Their long-term goal is to introduce more robot-run eateries and revolutionize the way people dine.

    While many companies opt for robotic solutions in foodservice, Remy Robotics recognizes that robots are still far from matching human dexterity when it comes to handling various food types and iterations. Rather than attempting to replicate human actions, Remy Robotics focuses on incorporating robots where they excel: precision tasks. By sharing responsibilities between human prep chefs and robot chefs, they have successfully developed a collaborative model that combines the best of both worlds.

    The secret lies in Remy Robotics’ ability to transform recipes into precise algorithms based on multiple parameters such as weight, viscosity, and composition. This ensures that the robots can handle the prepared package with utmost accuracy, taking into account the desired outcome. From cooking ingredients to conducting quality control checks, the robots operate autonomously using cutting-edge technology like thermal cameras and advanced image recognition.

    Better Days currently relies on CloudKitchens for off-premises delivery, but Remy Robotics aims to expand with more takeout and delivery-focused restaurants in the future. Customers can conveniently place their orders through major third-party delivery apps or directly via the Remy Robotics app or website. Thanks to their AI technology, dishes are prepared with meticulous timing, allowing customers to pick up their orders from a pickup food locker precisely when they’re ready.

    If Better Days proves successful, Remy Robotics plans to franchise their innovative concept and automated operations model across the country. This would mark a significant milestone in the restaurant industry, as Remy Robotics stands out as the only company currently offering end-to-end automation and autonomy for the entire restaurant experience.


    Q: What makes Better Days different from other robot-run restaurants?
    A: Better Days combines the strengths of both humans and robots, with humans handling menu preparation off-site and robots taking care of the final touches at the restaurant. This unique collaboration ensures consistency and efficiency.

    Q: How do robots contribute to the restaurant’s operations?
    A: While robots may not possess the same dexterity as humans, they excel in precision tasks. At Better Days, robots handle tasks such as cooking, packaging, and quality control.

    Q: Can customers dine in at Better Days?
    A: Currently, Better Days focuses on takeout and delivery services, but Remy Robotics plans to incorporate limited physical dining space in future locations.

    Q: How can customers place their orders?
    A: Customers can conveniently order through major third-party delivery apps, the Remy Robotics app, or the website.

    Q: Will Remy Robotics expand the concept to other locations?
    A: Yes, if Better Days succeeds, Remy Robotics plans to franchise the concept and automated operations model for future locations across the United States.

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