Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    New Opportunities for Student Engagement at Billinghurst Middle School

    Billinghurst Middle School in Reno has taken innovative steps to reengage students who struggled during the pandemic. Principal Jason Mattick acknowledges that the disruption caused by virtual learning led to a decrease in student connection and attendance. However, the school has successfully implemented measures to address this issue with the help of a generous anonymous donor who granted them $500,000 over the past two years.

    With the grant funding, Billinghurst Middle School has introduced new student clubs and sports programs, aiming to reignite students’ enthusiasm for school. Among the newly established clubs are robotics and mountain biking, offering students diverse and engaging extracurricular activities. Additionally, the school has invested in intramural sports and cheerleading, providing more opportunities for students to participate in physical activities.

    The funding has also enabled Billinghurst to purchase necessary supplies for these extracurricular programs, which had previously been a challenge. Principal Mattick expressed gratitude for the grant, as it has given the school the means to offer these valuable experiences to their students.

    Furthermore, Billinghurst Middle School has prioritized creating a welcoming environment for new students and their families. By conducting interviews and actively seeking their input, the school ensures that newcomers feel connected and supported from day one. This approach helps prevent new students from feeling lost or disconnected within the school system.

    The efforts of Billinghurst Middle School have not gone unnoticed. The school was recently acknowledged by the Washoe County School Board for their outstanding work in student engagement. As a result, they have seen positive outcomes, including improved math proficiency rates, as well as a decrease in suspensions.

    By continuously fostering a climate of inclusivity and empathy, Principal Jason Mattick and his team have successfully created an environment where every student, regardless of their background or experiences, can feel valued and find their place at Billinghurst Middle School.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: How has Billinghurst Middle School addressed the decrease in student connection and attendance?
    A: Billinghurst Middle School received grant funding that allowed them to create new student clubs and sports programs, providing engaging opportunities for students and reinvigorating their enthusiasm for school.

    Q: What measures were taken to support new students and their families?
    A: Billinghurst Middle School actively connects with new students and their families from day one, conducting interviews to understand their backgrounds and ensure they feel welcomed and supported within the school community.

    Q: What positive outcomes have resulted from these efforts?
    A: Billinghurst Middle School has witnessed increased math proficiency rates and a decline in suspensions as a direct result of their focus on student engagement and creating an inclusive environment.

    Q: How has the grant funding impacted extracurricular activities at Billinghurst Middle School?
    A: The grant funding provided the school with resources to establish new clubs such as robotics and mountain biking, as well as intramural sports and cheerleading programs. It also allowed for the purchase of necessary supplies for these activities.

    Q: What recognition has Billinghurst Middle School received?
    A: The school was commended by the Washoe County School Board for their exceptional work in student engagement, highlighting the positive impact on student outcomes.