Sun. Nov 26th, 2023
    The Advanced Robotics Class at Junction City High School Presents Program to Retired School Personnel Association

    The Advanced Robotics class at Junction City High School recently presented a program to the Junction City Association of Retired School Personnel. This class, led by instructor Mr. Glennrey Villamor, is part of the JCHS Career Pathway in the Science, Engineering, and Technology Academy.

    During the presentation, the students showcased their robots that they had built from scratch. Mr. Villamor emphasized that through this process, the students learn the importance of problem-solving and perseverance. He mentioned that things don’t always work the way you want them to the first time, and it takes time and effort to figure out how to make them work.

    One example of problem-solving occurred during the presentation when a robot was supposed to dance to music. However, the computer and the robot had difficulty communicating with each other. Thankfully, retired educator Cathy Hedge had the music needed on her cell phone and played it, allowing the robot to start dancing.

    In addition to the robotics demonstration, the members of the Junction City Association of Retired School Personnel heard from their President, Dr. Ferrell Miller. He shared his experiences of growing up and learning to play the accordion. Several accordion selections were performed for the group.

    The association is open to any retired or former licensed educator, classified employee, custodial or maintenance employee. Meetings are held five times a year, featuring meals, programs, entertainment, and community projects. For this month, the association participated in a project to provide monetary or non-perishable food items for the Geary County Food Pantry/Wheels of Hope.

    The next meeting, taking place on December 8th, will feature Dr. Beth Hudson sharing information about her visit to the Holy Land. The JCHS Singers will perform seasonal music, and the association members will sing carols. The project for December will involve donating caps, socks, and gloves to the Early Childhood Center.

    – Mr. Glennrey Villamor, Advanced Robotics Instructor at Junction City High School
    – Dr. Ferrell Miller, President of the Junction City Association of Retired School Personnel
    – Cathy Hedge, Retired Educator