Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
    RoboBoston Celebrates the Advancements in Robotics Technology

    RoboBoston, one of the world’s largest celebrations of robots and robotics, is set to take place on September 29th and 30th, 2023 in the Boston Seaport neighborhood. The event will bring together more than 50 companies, universities, and student robotics teams to showcase cutting-edge robotics and technology.

    The event will feature a variety of professional and family-oriented STEM-related events. This includes a STEM Field Trip Day on September 29th, where students from grades 7-12 can participate in interactive activities and demonstrations from robotics companies. There will also be a Robotics and AI Technical Career Fair, providing job seekers with the opportunity to learn more about different organizations and potential career tracks in the robotics and AI industry.

    One of the highlights of RoboBoston will be the first-ever Robot Sidewalk Parade, where rolling, crawling, and walking robots will make their way to the Ribbon Cutting ceremony. The parade will be followed by the 6th Annual Robot Block Party, a family-friendly event open to the public. Attendees will have the chance to see and interact with various robots, including drones, autonomous vehicles, collaborative robots, and humanoid robots.

    “We look forward to showcasing the incredible advancements in robotics technology amidst the bustling innovation ecosystem of Seaport,” said Yanni Tsipis, Senior Vice President of Seaport by WS Development. “RoboBoston is an annual highlight in the neighborhood and a celebratory moment for the entire Massachusetts robotics and technology sectors.”

    MassRobotics, the organization behind RoboBoston, aims to create a strong and vibrant robotics ecosystem by providing innovative entrepreneurs and startups with the resources they need to develop, prototype, and commercialize their products and solutions.

    RoboBoston is not only an opportunity for the robotics community to come together, but also a chance to engage students and families in the field. It allows them to learn about the latest developments in robotics technology and how it will impact their lives.

    Overall, RoboBoston is set to be an exciting event, showcasing the advancements and potential of robotics technology. It will provide a platform for tech visionaries, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to share their creations and inspire the next generation of roboticists.

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