Sun. Nov 26th, 2023
    Archax: The Futuristic Dream of Giant Robotic Mobility

    Ryo Yoshida, CEO of the innovative start-up Tsubame Industries, is making giant strides in the world of robotics with his marvelously futuristic creation, Archax. Towering at an impressive 4.5 meters (14.7 feet) and weighing a hefty 3.5 metric tons (7,716 pounds), Archax is a drivable robot resembling the iconic “Gundam” from science fiction movies.

    Yoshida’s grand vision behind Archax is to bring people’s childhood dreams to life – the yearning to control a towering, mechanized behemoth straight out of a sci-fi fantasy. With Archax, he aims to transport individuals into a world previously reserved for the realms of imagination.

    Despite its mammoth size, maneuvering Archax is surprisingly agile. It can reach a maximum speed of 10 kilometers (six miles) per hour in vehicle mode. With an impressive 26 joints, including massive hands controlled by two joysticks, two pedals, and a touchscreen, Archax offers an immersive and exhilarating experience to its pilot.

    While the captivating idea of staging epic battles between multiple Archax robots armed with toy guns, akin to the “Gundam” anime series, is undeniably thrilling, Yoshida envisions a broader application for his creation. Archax could prove instrumental in practical tasks like post-disaster debris removal and aiding construction sites.

    Yoshida’s overarching goal is not limited to the creation of a robot; he seeks to establish a seamless integration between human pilots and machines. Through Archax, he hopes to forge an experience in which the pilot not only controls the robot but truly feels as if they have become the robot itself, achieving a sense of grandeur and magnificence.

    Archax is a bold step towards realizing childhood dreams and pushing the boundaries of robotic advancement. It represents the fusion of technology and imagination, enticing individuals to indulge in a world of wonder, excitement, and limitless possibilities.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. What is Archax?

    Archax is a giant robotic creation developed by Tsubame Industries. It is reminiscent of the iconic “Gundam” robots from science fiction movies.

    2. How big is Archax?

    Archax stands at an imposing height of 4.5 meters (14.7 feet) and weighs 3.5 metric tons (7,716 pounds).

    3. How does Archax operate?

    Archax can be driven by a pilot who enters the high-tech cockpit. It features 26 joints, which are controlled using two joysticks, two pedals, and a touchscreen.

    4. What are the practical applications of Archax?

    Apart from its potential entertainment value, Archax can be utilized for practical purposes such as clearing debris after disasters and assisting with construction work.

    5. What is Ryo Yoshida’s vision for Archax?

    Ryo Yoshida, the CEO of Tsubame Industries, aims to create an immersive experience where the pilot not only controls the robot but feels as if they have become the robot themselves, embodying a sense of grandeur and magnificence.