Sat. Dec 9th, 2023
    Sweetgreen’s Innovative “Infinite Kitchen” Recognized as One of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2023

    Sweetgreen, a national restaurant chain known for its healthy fast-food alternatives, has received recognition from Time magazine for its forward-thinking approach to food service. The company’s revolutionary concept, called the “Infinite Kitchen,” was named one of the 200 best inventions of 2023.

    The Infinite Kitchen is a reimagined version of the traditional fast-casual spot, where customers place their orders through computer kiosks and watch as their meals are assembled by robots right in front of them. The concept made its debut in Naperville, Illinois earlier this year and has since garnered significant attention.

    Instead of relying on human labor, Sweetgreen’s robots can assemble up to 500 salads and bowls per hour, making it 50% faster than human workers. From the moment an order is placed to the point where it’s ready for pickup, Sweetgreen promises to deliver menu items in less than five minutes.

    The streamlined approach to food preparation and assembly is what caught the attention of Time magazine, earning Sweetgreen a spot on its prestigious list. The company’s ability to adapt and innovate, as demonstrated by the Infinite Kitchen, is what impressed the judges.

    Sweetgreen’s acquisition of kitchen robotics startup Spyce in 2021 and subsequent year and a half of fine-tuning the technology have paid off. The success of the Infinite Kitchen in Naperville has led Sweetgreen to expand the concept to all of its new outlets going forward.

    As the food service industry continues to evolve, Sweetgreen is leading the way with its innovative approach to convenience and efficiency. By embracing technology and leveraging automation, the company is setting a new standard for fast-casual dining.


    Q: What is Sweetgreen’s Infinite Kitchen?
    A: Sweetgreen’s Infinite Kitchen is a futuristic food service concept where robots assemble salads and bowls right in front of customers.

    Q: How fast can the Infinite Kitchen assemble menu items?
    A: The Infinite Kitchen can assemble up to 500 salads and bowls per hour, 50% faster than human workers.

    Q: What is Sweetgreen known for?
    A: Sweetgreen specializes in healthy alternatives to fast food, offering a range of fresh and nutritious menu options.