Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
    Samaritan Hospital Expands Surgical Capabilities with New Robotic System

    Samaritan Hospital in Moses Lake is embarking on a new era of surgical advancements with the purchase of state-of-the-art robotic equipment. The hospital will now be able to offer procedures that were previously unavailable in the area, thanks to the acquisition of the da Vinci robotic system.

    The da Vinci system, which comes at a cost of up to $4 million, marks a significant investment in the hospital’s commitment to providing cutting-edge healthcare services to the community. With a portion of the funds allocated in the hospital’s 2023 capital budget and a generous $1 million grant, Samaritan Hospital is making strides in enhancing surgical options for patients.

    While the purchase of new hospital beds led to a temporary delay in acquiring the robotic system, Chief Administrative Officer Alex Town confirmed that $2 million originally intended for the beds was reallocated towards the purchase of the da Vinci robot. This decision underscores the hospital’s dedication to advancing surgical techniques and improving patient outcomes.

    Andrea Mattson, Chief of Surgery at Samaritan Hospital, highlighted that robotic technology represents the next evolution in surgical techniques. Similar to the transformative impact of laparoscopic surgery, robotic-assisted procedures bring significant benefits to patients. With high-definition 3D cameras and unparalleled dexterity, the da Vinci robot provides surgeons with enhanced visualization and precision, enabling them to perform complex procedures with greater accuracy.

    The introduction of the da Vinci robotic system is expected to have a positive impact on patient care at Samaritan Hospital. Hospitals that have integrated similar technologies have reported increased treatment capacity across a range of specialties, including general surgery, urology, and gynecology. This advancement in surgical capabilities will undoubtedly play a crucial role in addressing the needs of the community.


    Q: How will the da Vinci robot enhance surgical procedures at Samaritan Hospital?

    A: The da Vinci robot offers surgeons enhanced visualization and precision through high-definition 3D cameras and advanced dexterity, allowing for improved outcomes in complex procedures.

    Q: How will the acquisition of the robotic system benefit patients?

    A: The addition of the da Vinci robot will expand the hospital’s surgical capabilities, enabling patients to access procedures that were previously unavailable in the Moses Lake area.

    Q: How were the funds for the robotic system secured?

    A: The hospital allocated a portion of its 2023 capital budget for the purchase, and a $1 million grant was also received to support the acquisition of the da Vinci system.

    Q: What specialties are expected to benefit from the use of the robot?

    A: Hospitals that have integrated robotic technology have seen increased treatment capacity across various specialties, including general surgery, urology, and gynecology. Samaritan Hospital anticipates similar positive outcomes.

    Q: Are emergency procedures facilitated by the robot?

    A: Yes, the da Vinci robot’s advanced capabilities can be particularly useful in emergency situations such as emergency gallbladder surgery, providing surgeons with added support and precision.