Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Stellar Pizza Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Revolutionize Food Industry

    Stellar Pizza, the world’s first robotics-powered mobile pizza restaurant, has unveiled an innovative equity crowdfunding campaign that presents pizza enthusiasts worldwide with a unique chance to invest in the future of the food industry. This groundbreaking start-up, established by former SpaceX engineers on a mission to bring high-quality and affordable food to the masses, has garnered immense interest since its debut in Southern California in early 2023.

    Within a record-breaking six months of operations, Stellar Pizza has managed to captivate over 12,000 customers, serving a staggering 48,000 pizzas to date. The unprecedented support from the community, coupled with the founders’ unrivaled expertise, has enabled Stellar Pizza to secure over $25 million in funding through successful Series A and Seed rounds. The backing of prominent venture capital firms, including Marcy Venture Partners, Root Ventures, Crosslink Capital, and Collaborative Fund, further testifies to the company’s immense potential.

    In an effort to fulfill Stellar Pizza’s commitment to democratizing venture capital and providing universal access, the company has launched a community round on Wefunder – the leading crowdfunding investment platform that adheres to SEC regulations. Wefunder’s mission aligns seamlessly with Stellar Pizza’s core values, as it strives to revolutionize the venture capital landscape by directly linking start-ups with individual and non-accredited investors. This groundbreaking collaboration opens up exciting investment opportunities for passionate pizza lovers globally.

    CEO Benson Tsai, responding to the public’s growing interest, expressed his excitement about dismantling the barriers that have traditionally restricted early-stage start-up investing to a privileged few. Tsai emphasized Stellar Pizza’s belief that everyone deserves a slice of the pie and shared his enthusiasm for shaping a more inclusive and accessible investment landscape.


  • How can I invest in Stellar Pizza?

    Stellar Pizza has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder, providing an opportunity for individuals to invest in the company’s future.

  • What sets Stellar Pizza apart from other mobile food establishments?

    Stellar Pizza is the world’s first robotics-powered mobile pizza restaurant, combining cutting-edge technology with a passion for delivering high-quality and affordable food.

  • What is Wefunder?

    Wefunder is a leading crowdfunding investment platform that connects start-ups with individual and non-accredited investors, aiming to democratize venture capital and make investment opportunities more accessible.

  • Who are Stellar Pizza’s investors?

    Stellar Pizza has garnered support from prominent venture capital firms such as Marcy Venture Partners, Root Ventures, Crosslink Capital, and Collaborative Fund.

  • How successful has Stellar Pizza been so far?

    Since its launch in early 2023, Stellar Pizza has already served over 48,000 pizzas to more than 12,000 customers, making a significant impact on the mobile food industry.

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