Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    The Hangar Art Company: Bridging the Gap Between Artists and Art Enthusiasts

    Nestled on the north side of downtown’s Museum Square on Jefferson Street, The Hangar Art Company welcomes its visitors with an intriguing sight. Oscar the Robot, meticulously built by local artist Steve Flynn using recycled car parts, stands near a captivating heavy metal sculpture by Tom Kirk. The gallery’s unique entrance sets the tone for an immersive artistic experience.

    As Flynn explains, Oscar is an example of kinetic art, which showcases the fusion of robotics and creativity. Alongside Oscar, The Hangar also displays Flynn’s radial engine, crafted exclusively from Harley-Davidson parts. With three of Flynn’s remarkable pieces on exhibit, the gallery highlights the beauty of repurposed materials.

    Tom Kirk, another local artist, specializes in creating art from heavy metal components. His signature works, known for their size and weight, can be found in an art park near Center Street, south of downtown. Although the piece featured in The Hangar is relatively smaller, it retains Kirk’s distinct style and incorporates a mesmerizing water feature that adds to its imposing presence.

    To accommodate Kirk’s creation, the architects and engineers thoroughly assessed The Hangar building. Ensuring structural integrity, the installation process involved dismantling the piece and meticulously reassembling it inside the gallery. The careful placement of supporting girders exemplifies the commitment to preserving both artistic vision and architectural safety.

    The brainchild behind The Hangar Art Company, Santino Lamancusa, is a visionary who recognized the need for a gallery that supports artists in their pursuit of success. When presented with smaller spaces, Lamancusa’s chance encounter with 105 W. Jefferson St. led him to envision an art space as expansive as an airplane hangar. With the synergy between his Air Force background and passion for art, The Hangar was born.

    Representing 25 artists, including 18 local creators, The Hangar Art Company aims to eliminate barriers artists face when attempting to make a living. Lamancusa’s consignment-based approach allows artists to exhibit their work with no upfront costs, empowering them to set their own prices. The gallery curates an impressive collection every month, providing visitors with diverse artistic experiences.

    With accessibility in mind, The Hangar strives to create a space where art can flourish regardless of budget constraints. Peter Kimerling, an avid supporter of The Hangar, appreciates the gallery’s commitment to making art a part of everyone’s lives. By offering artwork at various price points, The Hangar fosters a sense of inclusivity and promotes the perpetual presence of art in our daily lives.


    Q: What is kinetic art?
    A: Kinetic art refers to artwork that incorporates movement, often utilizing mechanical or robotic elements.

    Q: What materials does Tom Kirk use for his art?
    A: Tom Kirk specializes in creating art from heavy metal components.

    Q: How does The Hangar support artists financially?
    A: The Hangar operates on a consignment-based model, allowing artists to exhibit their work without incurring any upfront charges. Artists set their own prices, and the gallery earns a commission on sales.

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