Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Automated Order Fulfillment: Shaping the Future of the Retail Industry

    According to GlobalData’s Technology Foresights, the retail industry will see significant transformations in the future due to various innovation areas. One key area of innovation is automated order fulfillment, which utilizes advanced systems and technology to efficiently meet customer order requirements with minimal human intervention. This process includes tasks such as item selection, packaging, and shipping, all carried out seamlessly and automatically.

    To optimize order fulfillment operations, cutting-edge technologies like robotics, computer vision, and machine learning are employed. GlobalData’s analysis identifies over 170 companies, including technology vendors, established retail companies, and start-ups, that are actively involved in the development and application of automated order fulfillment.

    Some of the key players in this space include United Parcel Service, Walmart, Nuro, Cox Enterprises, and Coupang. Walmart, for example, has embraced warehouse automation to improve its profitability. By incorporating advanced automation technologies like autonomous robots and artificial intelligence, Walmart has enhanced its supply chain operations, improving efficiency and reducing labor and logistics costs.

    Cox Enterprises stands out for its application diversity in automated order fulfillment, while Nio and Emerging Automotive hold the second and third positions, respectively. In terms of geographic reach, Nuro leads the pack, followed by FedEx and Cox Enterprises.

    Automated order fulfillment utilizing robotics offers several advantages, including operational efficiency, precise order processing, and optimal space utilization. By integrating robotics, the retail industry can achieve innovation by incorporating AI and machine learning for predictive inventory management and streamlining the entire supply chain process.

    To gain further insights into the disruptive technologies impacting the retail industry, GlobalData offers a thematic research report on Robotics in Retail and Apparel.

    Source: GlobalData’s Technology Foresights on Retail Industry, Patent Analytics