Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    The Future of Consumer Industry: Autonomous Delivery Management

    A new report from GlobalData’s Technology Foresights highlights autonomous delivery management as a key innovation area in the consumer industry. Autonomous delivery systems, powered by robotics, are revolutionizing last-mile deliveries by minimizing human intervention and reducing pollution in cities.

    Companies leading the way in autonomous delivery management include Nuro, Walmart, and Cox Enterprises. Nuro recently partnered with Uber Eats to provide robotic food delivery capabilities in California and Texas.

    The analysis also looks at the application diversity and geographic reach of companies’ patenting activity. Emerging Automotive leads in application diversity, while Nuro has the widest geographic reach.

    Robotic technology and artificial intelligence have been rapidly advancing and finding application in various industries. In the consumer industry, their implementation in home delivery services has offered convenience and accuracy to businesses and consumers alike.

    To learn more about the disruptive themes and technologies in the consumer industry, access GlobalData’s thematic research report on Robotics in Consumer.


    – GlobalData’s Technology Foresights

    – GlobalData Patent Analytics