Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    New Event Showcases Robotics and Automation Solutions for Manufacturing Industry in Dallas

    Dallas, TX – As the Dallas metro area experiences a shortage of skilled workers in the manufacturing sector, Olympus Controls, an engineering services company specializing in motion control, machine vision, and robotic technologies, is hosting a groundbreaking event called “Waves of Innovation.” This free-to-attend event will take place on November 15 at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

    More than 20 robotics and automation vendors will be showcasing hands-on demonstrations at the event, presenting unique solutions to manufacturing challenges. The event aims to address the historically low labor participation rates in the region, which result in job vacancies that manufacturers struggle to fill.

    The demonstrations will include a wide range of automation technologies, such as collaborative robots that can handle tasks like sanding, polishing, and item picking using cutting-edge algorithms. Attendees will also see applications for automated machine loading, laser marking, and much more.

    Manufacturing professionals from various industries are eager to attend Waves of Innovation. Scott Paulk, an engineering manager at Alexandria Industries, expressed his excitement, stating that staying informed about the latest automation technologies makes their automation journey easier. Paulk emphasized that automation helps offset the challenges of hiring skilled labor and allows for resource reallocation.

    Aircraft Tooling Inc., a repair center for the aviation industry, will be attending the event and showcasing how collaborative robots can withstand high temperatures and harsh environments during plasma spray processes. Juan Puente, the thermal spray supervisor at Aircraft Tooling, initially hesitated but was pleasantly surprised by the robot’s performance. The cobot has proven to be reliable and has freed up employees from performing hot and dusty tasks.

    Nick Armenta, regional manager of Olympus Controls, believes that bringing Waves of Innovation to Dallas will not only showcase the talent and resources available in Texas but also enhance the capabilities of local manufacturers. He emphasizes that manufacturing requires physical presence and that knowing the local talent and resources can significantly enhance productivity.

    With an impressive lineup of exhibitors, including companies like Universal Robots, Mitsubishi Electric, and Epson Robots, Waves of Innovation is set to provide valuable insights into the future of robotics and automation in the manufacturing industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with industry experts and explore the latest technological advancements.

    Register now to attend Waves of Innovation and discover how robotics and automation can revolutionize the manufacturing sector in Texas.

    Q: Is Waves of Innovation a paid event?
    A: No, Waves of Innovation is a free-to-attend event.
    Q: Where and when is the event taking place?
    A: The event will be held at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on November 15 from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm CT.
    Q: What can attendees expect at Waves of Innovation?
    A: Attendees can expect live demonstrations of the newest automation and robotics solutions, presented by industry experts ready to discuss manufacturing challenges.
    Q: How can attendees benefit from robotics and automation?
    A: Robotics and automation offer benefits such as workforce optimization, increased productivity, and resource reallocation, helping manufacturers overcome labor shortages and enhance their operational capabilities.