Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
    “The Creator” Robots Make an Appearance at Los Angeles Chargers Game

    During the season opener between the Los Angeles Chargers and Miami Dolphins, artificial intelligence robots were seen at SoFi Stadium. Placed among the fans, these robots were a part of a promotional campaign for the upcoming sci-fi film “The Creator” by 20th Century Studios.

    “The Creator” revolves around a war between humans and AI, with the AI force posing a threat to humanity. These robots at the game were designed to captivate the attention of the crowd and generate excitement for the film’s release on September 29th.

    According to reports, many fans were surprised and intrigued by the presence of these robots, leading to double takes and discussions among the attendees. This marketing strategy of integrating film promotions with major league sports events is not entirely new. In 2022, actors from the film “Smile” wore masks behind home plate during three Major League Baseball games.

    Despite the robots’ presence, the Los Angeles Chargers experienced a disappointing loss to the Miami Dolphins, with a final score of 36-34.

    To get a better glimpse of what “The Creator” has in store, you can watch the full trailer from 20th Century Studios.

    – KTLA
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