Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    The Future of Agriculture Unveiled at Agritechnica

    Today marks the beginning of Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany, one of the largest trade fairs dedicated to agricultural machinery. While traditional farming equipment steals the spotlight, there’s a new addition to the show that offers a glimpse into the future of farming: Inhouse Farming – Feed & Food Show.

    Inhouse Farming is a platform created by DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft) that showcases the cutting-edge technologies and innovative systems driving the agricultural and food industries forward. This includes not only greenhouses and vertical farms but also unconventional methods like algae farming, insect breeding, and the cultivation of value crops.

    The organizers of the show emphasize the importance of developing sustainable and technology-driven solutions to ensure global food security amidst climate change and resource constraints. “Modern agriculture plays a pioneering role here – from raw material suppliers to producers,” states the event organizers.

    Kuno Jacobs, an international partner of DLG, shares his enthusiasm for the first day of Inhouse Farming, highlighting the exciting exhibits such as spirulina smoothies, state-of-the-art robotics, vertical farming systems, and expert talks. The event promises to provide valuable insights into the future of food production.

    In addition to the main exhibition, Agritechnica also features preview days, held on Sunday and Monday, catering to agricultural machinery dealers, investors, and the trade press. These exclusive days allow industry professionals to explore the latest advancements and network with key players in the field.

    Among the prominent participants at the Dutch Smart Farming Pavilion is Ridder, showcasing their activities in controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) growing. They discussed their endeavors with notable figures like the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Mr. Piet Adema, as well as regional ministers from Niedersachsen and Nordrhein-Westphalen.

    Collaborations between technology companies are also on display, like the partnership between Würth Elektronik and Agile Solutions. Together, they have unveiled a multi-channel luminaire powered by Würth Elektronik’s Horticulture-LEDs integrated into an algae reactor. This innovative merger of electronics and agricultural technology paves the way for more sophisticated and efficient farming practices.

    With over 15 Dutch companies participating, visitors to Agritechnica can expect a spectrum of innovative solutions for smart farming. From pixel farming and precision weeding through mobile robotics to optical sorting and drone technology, the event offers a comprehensive look into the future of agriculture.

    If you’re interested in joining the event, it started today and will run until November 18, 2023. For a complete list of exhibitors, click here.


    What is Agritechnica?

    Agritechnica is one of the largest trade fairs dedicated to agricultural machinery.

    What is Inhouse Farming?

    Inhouse Farming is a part of Agritechnica that showcases innovative technologies and systems for the future of agricultural and food production.

    What are some of the exhibits at Inhouse Farming?

    Exhibits at Inhouse Farming include spirulina smoothies, cutting-edge robotics, vertical farming systems, and expert talks.

    Who participates in the preview days at Agritechnica?

    The preview days at Agritechnica are intended for agricultural machinery dealers, top investors, and the trade press.

    What collaborations are showcased at Agritechnica?

    Agritechnica features collaborations between companies like Würth Elektronik and Agile Solutions, who have created a multi-channel luminaire integrated with an algae reactor.

    What are some of the Dutch solutions for smart farming showcased at the event?

    Dutch solutions at Agritechnica include pixel farming, precision weeding through mobile robotics, optical sorting, and drone technology.