Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Rockwell Automation to Acquire Clearpath Robotics for Autonomous Robotics Solutions

    Rockwell Automation has recently announced its plans to acquire Clearpath Robotics, a leading provider of autonomous robotics for industrial applications based in Ontario, Canada. With the growing trend of implementing autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in industrial automation and digital transformation initiatives, this acquisition will contribute to improving efficiency and operational effectiveness in manufacturing companies.

    Transporting parts and materials within manufacturing plants has always been a complex and inefficient process, often causing production bottlenecks. By leveraging autonomous production logistics, companies can enhance workflow, reduce costs, and achieve greater operational efficiencies. Clearpath’s OTTO Motors Division specializes in offering AMRs along with fleet management and navigation software. This technology ensures that components and subassemblies are delivered promptly when required and that finished goods are transported to warehouses or trucks upon completion.

    Rockwell Automation, known for its partnership in fixed robotic arms and solutions such as Independent Cart Technology, will now further expand its portfolio by incorporating the advanced material handling capabilities of OTTO Motors’ AMRs. This integration will allow for a comprehensive range of automated solutions in manufacturing.

    The data from Rockwell Automation’s existing offerings, combined with the capabilities of OTTO Motors’ AMRs, will be utilized in artificial intelligence-powered Software as a Service (SaaS) information management applications. Partnerships with Rockwell Automation’s Plex and Fiix businesses will provide a unified manufacturing solution, enabling autonomous execution and optimization, increasing efficiency, and offering real-time adjustments and traceability.

    Clearpath Robotics, founded in 2009, originally focused on providing robotics technology for global research and development markets. In 2015, the company launched its OTTO Motors Division, which has since been at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions for industrial automation.

    The acquisition will be financed through a portion of the proceeds from Rockwell Automation’s investment in PTC. It is expected to receive customary regulatory approval and close in the first quarter of Rockwell Automation’s fiscal year 2024. Following the acquisition, Clearpath will report to Rockwell Automation’s Intelligent Devices operating segment.

    – “Rockwell Automation to Acquire Clearpath Robotics” – Rockwell Automation Press Release