Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    Rockwell Automation to Acquire Clearpath Robotics

    Rockwell Automation Inc., a global leader in industrial automation and digital transformation, has announced its definitive agreement to acquire Clearpath Robotics Inc., a pioneering company in autonomous robotics for industrial applications. The acquisition is expected to strengthen Rockwell’s position in end-to-end autonomous production logistics solutions.

    Clearpath’s OTTO Motors Division offers autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and fleet management and navigation software. These technologies enhance efficiency and reduce costs by ensuring timely availability of components and subassemblies, as well as transporting finished goods to warehouses or trucks.

    By adding OTTO Motors’ AMR capabilities to Rockwell’s existing partnerships in fixed robotic arms, solutions like Independent Cart Technology, and leadership in programmable logic controllers (PLCs), the company will create a comprehensive portfolio of advanced material handling solutions.

    The market for AMRs in manufacturing is projected to grow by approximately 30% annually over the next five years, reaching an estimated market size of $6.2 billion by 2027. This acquisition is expected to contribute to Rockwell’s fiscal 2024 revenue growth.

    Rockwell Automation’s Chairman and CEO, Blake Moret, stated that the combination of autonomous robots and PLC-based line control fulfills a long-held aspiration of plant managers in various industries. By partnering with Clearpath, Rockwell is uniquely positioned to make this aspiration a reality across different sectors, enhancing planning, operations, and the workforce.

    The data generated by Rockwell’s offerings and OTTO Motors’ AMRs will be leveraged in artificial intelligence-powered Software as a Service information management applications, including those offered by Rockwell’s Plex and Fiix businesses. This integration will provide a unified solution for manufacturing, enabling autonomous execution, optimization, efficiency improvements, real-time adjustments, and traceability.

    Clearpath Robotics, founded in 2009, initially provided robotics technology to global research and development markets. In 2015, the company launched its OTTO Motors Division, focusing on advanced material handling solutions for industrial applications.

    This acquisition will enable Rockwell Automation to expand its leadership position in advanced material handling and help industrial customers navigate the increasing pressure to achieve more with fewer resources. The collaboration between Rockwell and Clearpath aims to create safer and more productive workplaces by harnessing the power of autonomous technology.

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