Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    Lissun Secures $1.3 Million Seed Funding to Address Mental Health Stigma

    Lissun, an Indian mental health platform, has raised $1.3 million in seed funding in a round led by Inflection Point Ventures and Rainmatter Capital. The startup aims to combat the social stigma surrounding mental health by providing consumer-facing solutions through healthcare institutions using a Business-to-Hospital-to-Consumer (B2H2C) model.

    With the newly acquired funds, Lissun plans to enhance and expand its offerings and services while seeking more partnerships. This latest funding round follows the pre-seed round in which the company raised $1 million last year.

    Taurean Surgical Receives Pre-Seed Funding for AI-Powered Robotic Surgery Microscope

    Taurean Surgical, another Indian startup, has secured undisclosed pre-seed funding from Beyond Tech VC, investor Durga Devi Maganti, and American investors. The company will utilize these funds to bring its AI-powered robot-assisted 3D surgical microscope to underserved regions lacking cutting-edge surgical technology.

    The microscope, equipped with integrated computer vision, machine learning (ML), and augmented reality capabilities, aids surgeons during complex procedures. Taurean Surgical aims to enable surgeons worldwide, regardless of geographic location, to leverage the advantages of robotic surgery for optimum patient outcomes.

    DeepTek Receives Approval for AI Chest X-ray Screening Software in Thailand

    DeepTek, an AI imaging solution provider, has been granted approval by the Thai Food and Drug Administration for its AI-enabled chest X-ray screening software, Genki. Powered by AI, Genki offers automated interpretation of chest X-rays and can analyze over 19 chest pathologies, including tuberculosis, pneumonia, lung cancer, and chronic pulmonary diseases.

    The solution has already been utilized in TB-free initiatives across India, screening over 300,000 individuals and significantly raising the nation’s TB detection rate. DeepTek is now in discussions with major medical institutions in Thailand to integrate its AI solutions into their radiology workflows, leveraging Thailand’s reputation for excellent healthcare services and forward-thinking adoption of AI technology.

    Alveofit Gains FDA Approval for IoT-Based Spirometer, Prepares for Global Expansion

    Alveofit, the creator of an IoT-based spirometer, Alveoair, has obtained FDA approval in the United States. This regulatory clearance, coupled with strategic partnerships, positions the company for further international expansion. Earlier this year, Alveofit established an office in New York.

    By securing FDA approval, Alveofit reinforces its commitment to providing innovative respiratory health solutions globally. The company’s IoT-based spirometer incorporates advanced technology to enable accurate measurement and monitoring of lung function, offering valuable insights for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

    – Lissun scores $1.3 million seed funding
    – Taurean Surgical bags pre-seed funding to power robotic surgery outside major cities
    – Thai FDA clears DeepTek’s AI CXR solution
    – Alveofit set for global expansion of its IoT-based spirometer