Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Sevensense Robotics to Compete in the ELA Awards 2023

    Sevensense Robotics, a robotics company based in Zurich, Switzerland, has been selected as one of the top six projects to compete in the final phase of the prestigious European Logistics Association (ELA) Awards 2023. This comes after Sevensense Robotics won the Swiss Logistics Awards, showcasing their innovative approach to warehouse automation.

    The objective of Sevensense Robotics is to accelerate the automation of warehouses and logistics operations by enabling vehicle manufacturers to bring Visual-SLAM-powered smart mobile robots to the market. Their market-proven technology, known as VSLAM, can be easily integrated into any vehicle platform, allowing manufacturers to automate millions of forklifts and other logistics vehicles without costly in-house developments.

    By automating these vehicles, the pace at which warehouses and logistics operations can be automated is significantly increased, providing the industry with the necessary technology to adapt to current and future challenges. Sevensense Robotics aims to reshape the landscape of logistics through automated material handling robots.

    The ELA Awards ceremony will take place during the European summit “For Supply and Beyond, Rethink the Future with Supply Chain”. The six finalists, including Sevensense Robotics, will compete for the trophy by presenting their innovative projects. The event will be attended by European leaders from various industries, retail, and logistics.

    If Sevensense Robotics emerges as the winner of the competition, Switzerland will have the honor of hosting the final of the 2024 ELA Awards. This achievement would further solidify Switzerland’s position as a leader in logistics innovation.

    Stay tuned as Sevensense Robotics aims to make Switzerland proud on the European stage of logistics innovation.

    About Sevensense Robotics

    Sevensense Robotics is a pioneering robotics company that specializes in providing the necessary visual perception and intelligence for mobile robots. Their cutting-edge technology allows manufacturers of manually operated vehicles to transform their products into smart robots, enabling them to participate in the automation revolution of the 21st century.

    Sevensense Robotics focuses on solving complex automation challenges in the fields of logistics and service robotics. Their technology simplifies and accelerates the development efforts of their clients by offering easy installation on any type of ground vehicle. This transformative technology plays a crucial role in maximizing efficiency and productivity in warehouse and logistics operations.


    1. What is Visual-SLAM technology?

    Visual-SLAM stands for Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. It is a technology that enables robots or vehicles to navigate and map their surroundings using visual input from cameras or sensors.

    2. How does Sevensense Robotics enable vehicle manufacturers to automate warehouses?

    Sevensense Robotics provides a market-proven VSLAM solution that can be easily integrated into any manually operated vehicle. This allows manufacturers to transform their vehicles into smart mobile robots, enabling automation in warehouses and logistics operations.

    3. What are the benefits of warehouse automation?

    Warehouse automation offers numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, improved accuracy, reduced labor costs, and faster order fulfilment. It allows for better inventory management and enables businesses to meet the growing demands of e-commerce and omnichannel retail.

    4. What are the ELA Awards?

    The ELA Awards, organized by the European Logistics Association, recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements and innovations in the field of logistics. It brings together leaders from the logistics industry and provides a platform for showcasing and sharing best practices and cutting-edge technologies.

    5. How does Sevensense Robotics contribute to the automation revolution?

    Sevensense Robotics empowers vehicle manufacturers to become providers of smart robots through their visual perception and intelligence technology. By enabling automation in warehouses and logistics operations, they contribute to the broader automation revolution happening in various industries.