Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
    SISU Battery Box: Redefining Cinematic Motion Control

    SISU Cinema Robotics, a pioneer in robotic camera equipment, has unveiled its latest innovation – the SISU Battery Box. This groundbreaking addition aims to revolutionize cinematic motion control by providing filmmakers with unprecedented freedom and power.

    The SISU Battery Box is a portable power solution that offers 8+ hours of continuous clean power and delivers an impressive 8.7kVA output. It is compatible with all of SISU’s cinema robots and other motion control systems. What sets it apart is its ability to run a robot arm indefinitely while simultaneously trickle charging the batteries by connecting to a standard wall outlet. With spare 120V circuits, true sine wave AC, and heavy-duty casters, this portable wonder simplifies the art of cinema robotics.

    One of the main advantages of the SISU Battery Box is its ability to solve a long-standing pain point in motion control production. Traditionally, filmmakers had to deal with the hassle of sorting out volts, phases, and connections for every shoot. The Battery Box eliminates this hassle, providing a simplified and user-friendly solution.

    Film enthusiasts who embrace motion control technology will find the SISU Battery Box a must-have. It offers unprecedented flexibility and enables creative expression anywhere, whether inside a studio or on location. With pre-orders starting today, filmmakers can secure the shortest possible wait time to own this transformative technology.

    SISU Cinema Robotics specializes in making impossible visions possible in a fraction of the time. Their devices are known for their agility, intuitiveness, and real-time control over powerful robotic equipment. The SISU Battery Box continues their tradition of offering cutting-edge technology that redefines workflow and empowers filmmakers.

    In conclusion, the SISU Battery Box is set to redefine the possibilities of cinematic motion control. With its innovative features and user-friendly design, it is a game-changer for filmmakers looking to take their creativity to new heights.

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