Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Skyline Robotics: Revolutionizing the Window Cleaning Industry with Robotics

    Michael Brown, CEO and chairman of Skyline Robotics, had a groundbreaking idea while driving through Manhattan one day. He marveled at the towering skyscrapers of Hudson Yards and questioned why humans were still responsible for cleaning windows on these towering structures. This moment of inspiration led him to Skyline Robotics, a company utilizing robotics and automation to revolutionize the window cleaning industry.

    Skyline Robotics, the first company to leverage robots as a service in the $40 billion window washing industry, developed a robot called “Ozmo.” Ozmo combines state-of-the-art AI systems and machine learning solutions to deliver precise and efficient window cleaning. With its ability to scan building surfaces and memorize every curve and edge, Ozmo provides a thorough sense of its surroundings. Equipped with force sensors, Ozmo even has a sense of touch and sight, ensuring optimal performance.

    Brown’s vision for Skyline Robotics is to bring much-needed change to an industry that has remained largely unchanged. With his extensive management and operations experience, he aims to take the company to new heights in terms of funding and go-to-market strategy. By automating window cleaning through robotics, Skyline Robotics offers a game-changing solution that enhances efficiency, safety, and effectiveness in the industry.

    As a Syracuse University alumnus, Brown credits the institution for shaping his career path. Studying information technology at Syracuse’s School of Information Studies, he learned how to harness data for informed decision-making. He attributes much of his success to Barbara “Barb” Settel, a Syracuse alumna and mentor who guided him during his college years.

    For current Syracuse students, Brown encourages curiosity, seeking knowledge, and asking questions. He believes that a degree from Syracuse opens doors to limitless opportunities and emphasizes the importance of continuous learning beyond graduation. Brown also extends an invitation to connect with him on LinkedIn, fostering a strong network of Syracuse alumni.

    Skyline Robotics, with its innovative robotic window cleaning service, is set to transform the industry. Through their groundbreaking solution, they are paving the way for increased efficiency and safety in the window cleaning process, ultimately benefiting both businesses and the workers involved.