Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    PEWO-pack 600: The High-Speed Stretch Bundler for Personal Care Product Lines

    Pester USA unveiled the PEWO-pack 600 at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, a cutting-edge high-speed stretch bundler designed to streamline personal care product lines. This automated system utilizes a Delta robot for efficient pick-and-place of personal care bottles and related products. Operating on a dual-lane system, it can wrap small multipacks, such as packs of three bottles, at impressive rates of up to 180 bpm.

    The machine’s remarkable speed wasn’t the only reason it caught the attention of industry professionals and earned a Finalist spot in the Personal Care/Pharma category of the 2023 Technology Excellence Awards. What truly stood out was its sleek stretch bundling technology, which eliminates the need for a shrink tunnel. Pester USA claims that this technology is 80% faster than traditional stretching processes, delivering secure and stable stretch wrapped bundles.

    To meet the growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging, the PEWO-pack 600 is engineered to accommodate both PE stretch film containing recycled material and film made of recyclable mono material. This allows manufacturers to align their packaging practices with environmental goals.

    Designed by Pester Pac Automation in Germany, this stretch bundler features a pre-assembled sealing unit that enables fast assembly times. It eliminates the need for additional components typically required by other stretch wrapping equipment, making it suitable for unconventionally shaped bottles and sensitive products. The system ensures maximum efficiency in 24/7 operations, offering fast format changeovers and minimal downtime.

    CPG customers can benefit from significant cost and energy savings with the PEWO-pack 600. Pester USA claims that compared to conventional shrink wrapping, the system can reduce energy consumption by 75% and material costs by 50%, while also utilizing 30% less space with its compact design.

    The system is equipped with a state-of-the-art New Allen Bradley HMI with tangius 4.0 multi-touch display for user-friendly operation and control.

    Overall, the PEWO-pack 600 revolutionizes the packaging process for personal care products, combining speed, efficiency, sustainability, and user-friendly features to meet the demands of modern manufacturers.

    – Pester USA
    – PACK EXPO Las Vegas