Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits Partners with Symbotic Inc. to Modernize Distribution Centers

    Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, the leading distributor of beverage alcohol, has recently announced a strategic agreement with Symbotic Inc. to implement advanced warehouse automation systems in select distribution centers. By deploying Symbotic’s A.I.-powered software and robotics technology, Southern Glazer’s aims to enhance its fill rates, order accuracy, and customer service times.

    Symbotic’s end-to-end automation system incorporates robotic case picking capabilities, allowing Southern Glazer’s to optimize its distribution centers and prolong the useful life of existing facilities. This cutting-edge system will enable the company to build mixed-case pallets for more efficient route-stop deliveries and effectively handle inventory with varying velocities.

    Bobby Burg, Chief Supply Chain Officer for Southern Glazer’s, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating that the next-generation automation technology will benefit customers, suppliers, and employees alike. The company believes that these investments will differentiate its service capabilities and drive efficiency while prioritizing employee skills, opportunities, and safety.

    Symbotic’s Chairman and CEO, Rick Cohen, believes that this agreement further solidifies Southern Glazer’s position as a leader in beverage alcohol logistics. He looks forward to working closely with Southern Glazer’s to transform their distribution operations and drive continuous improvement.


    What does the strategic agreement entail?
    The strategic agreement involves Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits partnering with Symbotic Inc. to deploy advanced automation systems in select distribution centers.

    How will the automation systems benefit Southern Glazer’s?
    The automation systems will enhance the company’s fill rates, order accuracy, and customer service times while extending the lifespan of existing facilities.

    What capabilities does Symbotic’s automation system offer?
    Symbotic’s automation system includes robotic case picking capabilities, allowing for more precise handling of inventory and the creation of mixed-case pallets for efficient deliveries.

    What are the expected outcomes of this partnership?
    Southern Glazer’s aims to improve efficiency, enhance employee skills and safety, and further establish itself as a leader in beverage alcohol logistics through this partnership with Symbotic Inc.

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