Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
    Southland Robotics Celebrates 10 Years of Success

    Southland Robotics in Adams is gearing up for a momentous celebration as they mark a decade since the inception of their program. What started as a small endeavor has now turned into a thriving organization that has garnered recognition from across the state. On Saturday, 46 VEX Robotics Teams will converge on rebel turf to battle it out and determine who has built the best robot.

    Southland has been hosting its annual tournament for the past five years, but this year holds a special significance. “It feels amazing to be able to celebrate 10 years. It’s gone really fast,” says Paula Mortenson, the VEX VRC Robotics Coach at the Southland School District. “To know that all the hard work we’ve put in in the beginning is just steamrolling now and continuing to grow. We look forward to continuing to graduate our seniors into those STEM fields that we so desperately need.”

    For the students involved, the program provides them with a unique opportunity to create something from scratch. The process of building a robot, while challenging, is undeniably rewarding. “If one of us has a problem, we always help each other. We’re like a family; it’s really fun,” says Micah Johnson, a junior at Southland.

    In April of this year, the rebels demonstrated their skills on a global stage, competing in a world championship. Their dedication and hard work paid off, showcasing the growing talent and potential that Southland Robotics nurtures.

    Southland Robotics’ commitment to providing students with hands-on experience in the field of robotics is commendable. Through their program, they are not only shaping the future of STEM but also fostering a tight-knit community that supports and encourages one another. As they celebrate their 10th anniversary, Southland Robotics stands as a shining example of the power of dedication, teamwork, and the pursuit of innovation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is VEX Robotics?

    VEX Robotics is an educational robotics platform that offers students the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning and gain practical knowledge in the fields of engineering, computer science, and mathematics.

    2. How long has Southland Robotics been in operation?

    Southland Robotics has been running its program for a decade, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

    3. How many teams will compete in the upcoming tournament?

    There will be 46 VEX Robotics Teams participating in the tournament held by Southland Robotics.

    4. What are the benefits of participating in the Southland Robotics program?

    Participating in the Southland Robotics program allows students to develop problem-solving skills, foster teamwork, and explore their creativity through building and programming robots.

    5. Has Southland Robotics achieved any notable accomplishments?

    Yes, Southland Robotics recently competed in a world championship, showcasing their skills on a global platform and highlighting the talent nurtured by their program.