Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Spartatroniks: Inspiring STEM Education and Empowering Students

    Spartatroniks, the robotics team of Orcutt Academy, recently held its third annual dinner auction at the Santa Maria Elks Lodge, raising an impressive amount of approximately $15,000 in gross profit. The event was a testament to the team’s dedication and showcased their achievements in the field of robotics.

    During the event, Spartatroniks exhibited some of their remarkable work, including an impressive electrical board and a display of previous robots. Informative poster boards provided detailed insights into each sub-team’s contributions and projects. Additionally, the robotics team astounded the audience by showcasing their 2023 robots, Atlas and Thanatos, as well as a collection of robots built over the past 11 years.

    Witnessing the creations of these talented young individuals left attendees amazed. A member of the audience expressed their delight, stating, “I loved being able to see what the kids were able to build.” Another parent shared their astonishment, exclaiming, “I couldn’t imagine what these kids were building, so I was really shocked when I saw what the robot was able to perform.”

    Nathan Wonderlich, a business mentor for Spartatroniks, highlighted the significance of events like these by stating, “It really is an amazing opportunity for these kids. This event is what allows the students to be able to build these amazing robots.” Spartatroniks is committed to offering valuable STEM opportunities to high schoolers in the Santa Maria and Orcutt area, providing them with the chance to develop unique skills in engineering and other STEM fields.

    Through a student-led approach, Spartatroniks aims to ensure that its members gain hands-on experience, both in STEM and business. The team, classified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, constructs a robot each year and participates in FIRST robotics events. These endeavors not only teach valuable business and STEM skills but also foster teamwork and responsibility among the students.

    For more information about Spartatroniks and their inspiring journey, please email [email protected] or visit

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Spartatroniks?

    Spartatroniks is the robotics team of Orcutt Academy, dedicated to providing STEM opportunities for high school students in the Santa Maria and Orcutt area.

    What is the goal of Spartatroniks?

    Spartatroniks aims to empower students by offering hands-on experience in STEM and business, fostering skills such as teamwork, responsibility, and problem-solving.

    What types of events does Spartatroniks organize?

    Spartatroniks organizes an annual dinner auction to raise funds for their robotics projects. They also participate in FIRST robotics events, where they showcase their creations and compete with other teams.

    How can I get involved with Spartatroniks?

    To learn more about Spartatroniks and their work, you can email them at [email protected] or visit their website at