Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
    Meet Aura: The World’s Most Advanced Humanoid Robot at The Sphere in Las Vegas

    The Sphere in Las Vegas has unveiled their latest creation, a humanoid robot named Aura. Described as the “world’s most advanced humanoid robot,” Aura will be a permanent fixture in the grand atrium at the venue.

    Aura is designed to interact with guests and showcase her lifelike facial expressions and mobility. She will be joined by four other Aura robots, greeting guests as they enter the venue. Aura is equipped to answer “complex questions” about the engineering and technology behind the venue, as well as provide directions and information about daily performances.

    David Dibble, CEO of MSG Ventures, a division of Sphere Entertainment, expressed excitement about the innovative application of robots in the entertainment industry. He believes that Aura will enhance guests’ experience and push the boundaries of how robotics can be utilized in live events.

    The Sphere is scheduled to debut on September 29th with a concert by U2 as its first performance. The venue aims to transform the way people experience live events, and Aura is a prominent part of their vision.

    With her technological advancements and ability to interact with guests, Aura represents a new frontier of entertainment. Visitors to The Sphere can look forward to a unique and immersive experience as they engage with this extraordinary humanoid robot.

    – KVVU: Las Vegas venue introduces ‘life-like’ robots to interact with guests