Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
    St. Luke’s Launches Innovative Robot Delivery Program to Assist Nurses

    St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City is leading the way in healthcare innovation with the introduction of delivery robots. The pilot program, featuring the robot named Moxi, aims to enhance patient care by allowing nurses to spend more time at the bedside. By fetching medications, supplies, and other items, Moxi helps save up to 30 percent of bedside caregivers’ time.

    Kevin Turner, St. Luke’s nurse manager, commends the hospital’s use of technology to support nursing. By alleviating some administrative tasks, nurses can prioritize patient care. Moxi has already made a significant impact during its initial 20 days of operation. It has saved over 315 hours of time and successfully delivered and retrieved more than 500 pharmaceuticals and supplies.

    The process is straightforward. Nurses submit their requests, and once filled, Moxi is called upon to deliver the items directly to the desired units. This technology has made St. Luke’s the first hospital in both Missouri and Kansas to integrate delivery robots into their workflow.

    Chuck Welch, another nurse manager at St. Luke’s, expresses excitement about expanding the capabilities of Moxi. With the support of the St. Luke’s foundation, the hospital has already introduced two robotic team members and plans to add two more.

    The introduction of Moxi and the implementation of this pilot program highlights the hospital’s commitment to leveraging technology for the benefit of patient care. With the success of this initiative, other healthcare institutions may follow suit, revolutionizing the way nurses deliver care.

    Source: KCTV 2023