Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Building a Bright Future: Hononegah Stateline Robotics Club Shaping Tomorrow’s Innovators

    The Hononegah Community High School is nurturing the brilliance of future engineers, programmers, and business leaders through the Hononegah Stateline Robotics Club. This dynamic club provides students with invaluable skills and firsthand experience, setting them on the path to success. The allure of robotics often begins in their formative years, as many students develop a keen interest while building creations with Lego bricks.

    Under the guidance of mentors Kris King and Daniel Buchardt, the Hononegah Stateline Robotics Club participates in the highly esteemed FIRST Robotics Competition. This competition offers students the opportunity to design, program, and construct industrial-size robots, enabling them to delve into an intricate field game alongside other robotics teams. Each year, these talented individuals receive a standard kit of parts and adhere to a set of rules, facing an exhilarating head-to-head challenge within a predetermined theme. The FIRST competition prides itself on combining the rigors of science and technology, making it the ultimate testament to teamwork and innovation.

    Beyond the realm of robotic competitions, the club undertakes special projects during the summer months. A prime example of their dedication to community and personal growth is when they modified a specialized wheelchair for Jack, a courageous local boy living with cerebral palsy. The wheelchair, aptly named “Wild Thing,” was enhanced with improved steering, increased comfort, and robust rubber wheels. This transformation allowed Jack to engage in outdoor play and experience newfound agility. In a testament to their indomitable spirit, the club members recently volunteeed to modify yet another wheelchair, affectionately dubbed “Wild Thing 2,” after Bailor, a young girl in the community living with spina bifida. Thanks to the club’s modifications, Bailor now revels in the joy of racing around and relishes newfound independence.

    To fund these admirable projects, the Stateline Robotics Club is gearing up to host a toy drive and actively seeking sponsors. These initiatives provide invaluable opportunities for team members to explore financial and business skills, cultivating their entrepreneurial spirit. By embracing responsibility and collaboration, the students learn the true essence of teamwork while honing their engineering and programming prowess. Meetings are held three times a week, fostering an environment of continuous learning and growth. The club’s commitment to excellence was evident during their first meeting in October 2023, setting the stage for an inspiring year ahead.

    With Reed Goss, Ian Schmidt, Tyler Hanson, and Arden Wisch leading the way as the team leaders on the Stateline Robotics Club, they foster collaboration and mentorship with their fellow teammates. Guiding and sharing their knowledge are mentors Nick Johnson and Gabriella Stormont, whose expertise and dedication elevate the club’s collective brilliance. It is worth noting that Gabrielle is an esteemed alumna of HCHS and a former team member, making her a beacon of inspiration for the current students.

    The Stateline Robotics Club is thrilled to kickstart their journey with the first Mini-Bot Competition of the 2023-24 season at Winnebago High School on December 2, 2023. Following the exciting showcase, post-season competitions await in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and La Crosse, Wisconsin, in March 2024. As the team eyes the ultimate goal of participating in the prestigious FIRST-sanctioned National Competition in Houston, Texas, in January 2024, they are undoubtedly aligning themselves for a phenomenal year of growth, innovation, and camaraderie.

    Stay tuned as the talented members of the Hononegah Stateline Robotics Club continue to shape a brighter and more exciting future through their remarkable initiatives.


    1. What is the FIRST Robotics Competition?
    The FIRST Robotics Competition is an acclaimed competition that allows students to design, program, and construct industrial-size robots. Teams from various schools compete in an annual challenge, showcasing their ingenuity and teamwork.

    2. How do the students fund the wheelchair modification projects?
    The Hononegah Stateline Robotics Club raises funds for the wheelchair modification projects through initiatives like toy drives and sponsorship opportunities. These projects not only help individuals in need but also provide valuable learning experiences for the team members.

    3. What skills do the students gain through the club?
    In addition to engineering and programming skills, the students in the Hononegah Stateline Robotics Club develop responsibility, financial acumen, and business skills. They also learn the importance of collaboration and teamwork.

    4. How often does the club meet?
    The club meets three times a week, offering students a dedicated space to hone their skills and work on their projects.

    5. Who are the mentors of the club?
    The club is fortunate to have mentors Kris King, Daniel Buchardt, Nick Johnson, and Gabriella Stormont. These mentors provide guidance, share their expertise, and inspire the students to reach new heights.