Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
    New Steele High Makerspace Classrooms Promote Creativity and Industry 4.0

    A new makerspace has been unveiled at Marion L. Steele High School in Amherst, Ohio. The makerspace consists of two separate classrooms, a “cleanspace” and a workshop, and aims to provide students with hands-on experiences that promote creativity. Inspired by the fabrication center at Lorain County Community College, the makerspace is considered a Fab Lab 2.0.

    The workshop side of the makerspace is equipped with a variety of machines, including UV printers, analog laser printers, rotary tools, CNC machines, and a farm of 3D printers. This space allows students not only to create whatever they want but also to learn about the process of making.

    The creation of the makerspace was facilitated by Cindy Kushner, director of School Workforce and Community Partnership at Lorain County Community College. The college’s Fab Lab served as inspiration for the classrooms, and the makerspace incorporates aspects of industry 4.0, which refers to the integration of advanced technologies and automation in manufacturing.

    The classes taught in the makerspace are part of a grant known as ARCTOS from the Department of Defense. This grant has helped train teachers on how to use the technology and teach it to others. Teachers who have undergone this training will partner with FANUC robots and other CNC companies to bring their knowledge back to the classroom.

    The courses taught in the makerspace include a programmable logic controls course, focusing on electronics, and an industrial robotics course, teaching students how to operate technology like the FANUC robotic arm. These classes also count as college credit hours that can be transferred to Lorain County Community College.

    The makerspace has already generated excitement among teachers and staff at Steele High School. Principal Joe Tellier expressed his enthusiasm for the space and hinted at the possibility of opening it up to the public or even starting a gift shop in the future.

    Overall, the new Steele High makerspace classrooms provide students with a unique opportunity to explore their creativity while gaining valuable skills in technology and industry. This innovative approach to education aligns with the growing demands of Industry 4.0 and prepares students for the future workforce.

    – Makerspace: A collaborative workspace where individuals can create, invent, and learn using various tools and equipment.
    – Fab Lab: Short for fabrication laboratory, a space equipped with digital fabrication tools and technologies.
    – Industry 4.0: The fourth industrial revolution, which involves the integration of advanced technologies, such as automation, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, into the manufacturing industry.

    Sources: The Morning Journal