Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
    A New Era of Commercial Cleaning: Syrius Technology, SoftBank Robotics, and IRIS OHYAMA Join Forces

    In a groundbreaking partnership, Syrius Technology, SoftBank Robotics, and IRIS OHYAMA are poised to revolutionize the commercial cleaning industry. These global leaders have come together to introduce a cutting-edge commercial cleaning robot that combines the extraordinary capabilities of Syrius Technology’s AMR products with the advanced software expertise offered by SoftBank Robotics. With this strategic collaboration, the aim is to bring more efficient, eco-friendly, and high-quality cleaning services to the public.

    The rise of automation has triggered a surge in the adoption of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) across various sectors, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Huge deployments of mobile robots have been witnessed in warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, and hospitality, which has led to significant growth in the AMR market. Understanding this trend, Syrius Technology, SoftBank Robotics, and IRIS OHYAMA have joined forces to address the growing demand for intelligent solutions in the commercial cleaning sector.

    Syrius Technology, known for its expertise in integrating hardware and software in the AMR field, will collaborate with IRIS OHYAMA, a leading provider of lifestyle solutions in Japan, and draw from the extensive experience of SoftBank Robotics in the Japanese commercial cleaning market. Together, they aspire to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes of the commercial cleaning sector, ultimately improving the quality of life and meeting the evolving requirements of public environments.

    By partnering with SoftBank Robotics and Syrius Technology, IRIS OHYAMA remains committed to its core philosophy of providing top-quality solutions centered around homes. This collaboration not only promotes environmental sustainability but also drives the efficiency and effectiveness of the AMR domain, pushing the boundaries of the quality of life. Moreover, the partnership aims to explore new collaboration opportunities, seek breakthroughs in untapped scenarios, and better serve the market to meet the ever-changing needs of the public.

    As pioneers in the Japanese commercial cleaning market, SoftBank Robotics has demonstrated consistent leadership in technological innovation, making robots an integral part of modern life. Through this strategic collaboration, all parties leverage their complementary strengths to expand the service market and set an industry example by adopting superior robot solutions.

    For Syrius Technology, this partnership propels global market expansion. With an established foothold in the AMR field, the company will establish a Service Robotics Division that introduces new brands to the service robotics market, offering AMR products and solutions tailored to various scenarios. As proponents of “inclusive AI,” Syrius Technology aims to explore more application scenarios, collaborate with partners, and pioneer intelligent robot applications, firmly positioning AMRs at the forefront.

    What is an AMR?
    AMR stands for Autonomous Mobile Robot. These are robots equipped with artificial intelligence and autonomous capabilities to perform tasks without human intervention.

    What are the benefits of using AMRs for commercial cleaning?
    AMRs bring several advantages to the commercial cleaning industry, including increased efficiency, reduced labor costs, enhanced cleaning accuracy, improved safety, and eco-friendly practices.

    How will this partnership improve the quality of life?
    By introducing advanced commercial cleaning robots, the partnership aims to enhance cleaning services in public environments, creating more comfortable and hygienic spaces that positively impact people’s quality of life.

    What other industries are adopting AMRs?
    Aside from commercial cleaning, AMRs are being widely adopted in industries such as warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, and healthcare, to optimize operations and improve efficiency.

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