Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    The Economic Impact of UP Health System – Marquette

    In Marquette County, healthcare and social services contribute significantly to the local economy. UP Health System – Marquette (UPHS – Marquette) is the largest employer in the county, with over 1,600 employees. In 2022 alone, UPHS – Marquette distributed over $158 million in payroll, which has a substantial financial impact on the community. Additionally, the hospital contributes to the local government through property taxes, payroll taxes, provider taxes, and sales taxes, totaling an additional $23 million.

    UP Health System – Marquette is part of a network that includes UP Health System – Bell and UP Health System – Portage, with over 50 clinic locations across the Upper Peninsula. Together, these healthcare facilities employ over 2,500 individuals, further solidifying their presence and impact on the region’s employment landscape.

    Investments in UPHS – Marquette’s facilities and recruitment efforts have elevated the quality of care in Marquette County. The hospital serves as a regional referral center for life-saving emergency care and is the only Level 2 Trauma Center and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in the region. Thanks to ongoing investments, UPHS – Marquette offers advanced medical services, such as robotic surgery, state-of-the-art blood collection systems, and 3D mammography.

    Access to quality healthcare is not only crucial for individuals but also for the business community. It helps attract and retain talented professionals and provides stability and revenue for existing businesses. UPHS – Marquette has also been actively involved in economic development efforts, participating in committees and advocating for healthcare policies that cater to rural needs.

    While UPHS – Marquette is just one component of the broader medical industry in the area, its presence has a significant impact on the local and regional economy. The hospital plays a vital role in talent recruitment, retention, and financial growth in Marquette County.

    Source: Christopher Germain, CEO, Lake Superior Community Partnership