Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
    The Chesterton High Robotics Club Prepares to Host Robotics Competition

    The Chesterton High School robotics club is gearing up to host its first major robotics competition. On November 18, sixty teams will come together at Chesterton Middle School to compete in building robots. Four of the competing teams will be from Chesterton High School, where the robotics club meets after school for two hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As the competition season approaches, the club meets more frequently, working towards building robots that can advance tri-balls past midfield on the playing field.

    Physics teacher Jay Drew, who heads the robotics club, has been involved in robotics competitions since his time at Portage High School. When Chesterton High School expressed interest in starting a robotics program, Drew reached out to John Kappes, the head of a robotics club at a different school, for guidance. Kappes, along with a robotics coach from Crown Point, is assisting Drew in organizing the upcoming event.

    The Chesterton High School robotics club, which initially started with few students and limited resources, has grown over the years. The club now fields four teams, comprised of three to four students each. With the addition of an assistant robotics coach, Isaac Torrez, the club aims to excel in this year’s competition. Senior Aryaman Agashe, a member of the club, is working on building an 18-inch robot that can catapult tri-balls down the playing field and under a net. The robot must also climb a pole on the side of the field to earn points.

    The robotics competition not only allows students to demonstrate their technical skills but also fosters collaboration and idea-sharing among teams. Students value meeting and learning from students of other schools. They appreciate the opportunity to form alliances with others, exchanging ideas and strategies. Although the first competition may lack creativity, students adapt and collaborate with others as the competition season progresses.

    Overall, the robotics club at Chesterton High School has flourished, providing students with hands-on experience in engineering and technology. The upcoming competition is set to showcase the skills and innovation of the students involved.

    – Chesterton senior Aryaman Agashe
    – Physics teacher Jay Drew
    – Assistant robotics coach Isaac Torrez