Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Exploring the Intersection of Art and Technology: Triton College Summer Camp

    A summer camp at Triton College is helping young people discover the connection between art and technology. The camp, a collaboration between Triton College and the nonprofit organization The Nourishment Projects, aims to encourage creativity and imagination in children.

    The camp offers a variety of programs that allow students to explore different aspects of art and technology. From robotics and welding to gadget design, students are taught the fundamentals of engineering and manufacturing. The goal is to provide students with a deeper understanding of how technology works, beyond just pushing buttons.

    Field trips are an integral part of the camp, allowing students to see firsthand how technology and art intersect. Visits to museums and manufacturing plants provide students with practical examples of how technology is used in various industries. For instance, during a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago, students had the opportunity to learn about the technology behind the preservation and maintenance of historic artworks.

    Participants in the camp are enthusiastic about the opportunity to learn from these experiences. For many, it’s a chance to see something they’ve never encountered before and expand their horizons. One student described the experience as “very valuable,” emphasizing the impact it has had on their confidence and perspective.

    The goal of the camp is to empower students to think outside the box and develop their imagination. According to the founder of The Nourishment Projects, seeing things from a different perspective can lead to great success. “You need a will and imagination,” says one camper.

    The Nourishment Projects offers similar programs for learners of all ages around the world, allowing individuals to tap into their hidden talents and discover new experiences.

    CBS News