Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Shaping the Future of Logistics: GreyOrange’s Journey through Supply Chain Automation

    GreyOrange, a robotics and AI firm founded by Akash Gupta and Samay Kohli in 2012, has emerged as a trailblazer in supply chain automation. With a firm belief in the power of robotics and AI to revolutionize logistics, Gupta and Kohli made a bold decision to focus their business on the transformation of warehouses and supply chains.

    In those early days, Gupta recalls that supply chain was not as glamorous as it is today. However, they recognized the potential for change brought about by digitization and ecommerce. They saw the need for warehouses to become more automated, reducing manual labor and human decision-making. They knew that they had found an industry that required a combination of robotic and software automation.

    GreyOrange’s first product, a sortation system, proved to be a success. However, Gupta emphasized the importance of refining their systems based on the real-life challenges faced in warehouses. This experience paved the way for success and helped GreyOrange secure major clients like Flipkart, one of India’s leading ecommerce companies.

    As GreyOrange continued to grow, Gupta identified three factors that kept their customers awake at night. First, the need to develop a technology platform that enhanced customer experience. Second, the challenge of scaling up solutions to cover the entire enterprise. And third, the ability to remain agile in responding to unexpected events such as a pandemic or changes in consumer demand.

    Gupta’s leadership style is characterized by attention to detail and intellectual honesty. He values open communication and encourages his team to share bad news promptly so that action can be taken. Gupta personally invests a significant amount of time in meeting with customers and ensuring that commitments are kept.

    To nurture talent within his team, Gupta encourages members to visit customer sites to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and challenges. He emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and provides guidance to help team members navigate the complexities of running a business.

    GreyOrange’s focus has expanded beyond warehouses to encompass the larger challenge of omnichannel execution, including in-store inventory. Gupta and his leadership team have made it a priority to spend time in their customers’ warehouses to further understand their requirements and develop innovative solutions.

    As GreyOrange continues to shape the future of logistics, Gupta reflects on the lessons he has learned along the way. He now recognizes that while technology and products are important, having the right people who align with the company’s vision and culture is paramount to success.

    Outside of work, Gupta finds joy in taking drives to unwind and recharge.

    1. What is GreyOrange?
    GreyOrange is a robotics and AI firm specializing in supply chain automation.

    2. Who are the founders of GreyOrange?
    GreyOrange was founded by Akash Gupta and Samay Kohli.

    3. What is GreyOrange’s focus?
    GreyOrange focuses on transforming warehouses and supply chains through robotics and AI automation.

    4. What are the challenges that keep GreyOrange’s customers awake at night?
    GreyOrange’s customers are concerned about developing technology platforms, scaling up solutions, and remaining agile in addressing unexpected events.

    5. How does Akash Gupta describe his leadership style?
    Akash Gupta is detail-oriented and emphasizes intellectual honesty. He encourages open communication and prompt sharing of bad news.

    6. What is GreyOrange’s latest focus?
    GreyOrange has expanded its focus to include omnichannel execution and in-store inventory management.

    7. How does GreyOrange nurture talent within its team?
    GreyOrange encourages team members to visit customer sites and provides guidance to help them navigate the complexities of running a business.

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