Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
    London’s Natural History Museum Introduces Sustainable Christmas Jumper for Animatronic T. Rex

    London’s renowned Natural History Museum is once again bringing in the holiday cheer with its annual tradition of adorning its animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex with a festive Christmas jumper. This year’s design is not only eye-catching but also highlights the museum’s notable dinosaur skeletons.

    Crafted by the family-owned business Jack Master from Leicester, the jumper embodies sustainability, utilizing a blend of 60% recycled cotton and 40% recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles. It showcases the museum’s commitment to promoting environmental consciousness, even during the festive season.

    The festive garment, exhibited in the museum’s dinosaurs gallery, will be on display throughout the months of November and December. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the museum’s fascinating collection while enjoying the sight of the T. Rex adorned in the sustainable jumper, symbolizing the harmony between tradition and modernity.

    The Natural History Museum values its public programs and scientific endeavors that contribute to enhancing knowledge and appreciation of the natural world. All proceeds from the sale of the Christmas jumper range will further support these initiatives.


    Q: Where can I view the Christmas jumper-wearing T. Rex in the Natural History Museum?
    A: The animatronic T. Rex, sporting the sustainable Christmas jumper, can be found in the museum’s dinosaurs gallery.

    Q: Who created this year’s Christmas jumper?
    A: The family-owned business Jack Master from Leicester crafted the festive garment.

    Q: What materials were used to make the jumper?
    A: The jumper is made using a blend of 60% recycled cotton and 40% recycled polyester sourced from recycled plastic bottles.

    Q: When will the Christmas jumper be on display?
    A: The jumper will be exhibited from November to December, allowing visitors to enjoy the festive spirit during their visit to the museum.

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