Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
    T-Robotics Leading the Way in Logistics Robotics with Rechargeable Battery Orders

    T-Robotics, a prominent player in the logistics robotics industry, is making significant strides by securing rechargeable battery-related orders from large companies, thus establishing itself as a pioneer in this field. With the potential to attract orders from other rechargeable battery manufacturers and expand into various industries, T-Robotics is poised for strong growth.

    Known for its production of vacuum robots and vacuum transport modules for displays, T-Robotics has successfully implemented its products in the production of OLED and LCD displays across different generations. Samsung Display, AMAT, and BOE are among its major clients. While the company’s earnings may experience a temporary slowdown this year due to reduced investment in the downstream market, a gradual recovery is expected next year with a full-fledged expansion in IT OLED investment.

    T-Robotics has made impressive advancements in their logistics robotics business, particularly in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and automated guided vehicles (AGVs). In response to market challenges faced by their existing business, the company ventured into logistics robotics, leading to the development of mounted, standalone, and autonomous transport robots. Collaboration with global cooperative robot company ZMP through their joint venture Enro in May 2019 further bolstered their robotics business. Additionally, T-Robotics acquired Motion Device in June 2021, enhancing their capabilities in this field.

    A major breakthrough came on April 11, 2023, when T-Robotics secured AMR-related orders worth W29.5bn for a single production line at SK On’s North American factory. Subsequent orders were announced later that month. With SK On’s plans to expand to 30 production lines in North America by 2025, T-Robotics aims to win orders totaling around W900bn. As the initial supplier, T-Robotics is well-positioned to secure more than half of these orders. The announcement of additional orders is expected by the end of 2023, aligning with the client’s investment schedule. Furthermore, T-Robotics anticipates expanding its AMR business to other industries in the domestic market, particularly in relation to rechargeable battery orders from other large firms.


    1. What does AMR stand for?
    AMR stands for Autonomous Mobile Robot.

    2. What does AGV stand for?
    AGV stands for Automated Guided Vehicle.