Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    TechBrew Robotics Rebrands as 4AG Robotics and Secures $17.5 Million in Funding for Mushroom Harvesting Automation

    TechBrew Robotics, a pioneering startup that focuses on revolutionizing the labor-intensive processes in mushroom harvesting, has recently achieved a significant milestone in its journey. The company proudly announces its rebranding as 4AG Robotics, pronounced as “Forage,” along with securing an impressive $17.5 million in equity financing. This substantial funding will expedite the development and deployment of cutting-edge robotic solutions to address the challenges faced by the mushroom industry.

    The transformative financing round is spearheaded by BDC Capital’s Industrial Innovation Venture Fund and InBC Investment Corp. (InBC), with esteemed contributions from Emmertech, Jim Richardson Family Office, Lex Capital, and a group of angel investors based in Canada. Worth noting is that this marks InBC’s first direct investment in a company since it oversees a sizeable public fund of $500 million specifically designated for investments.

    The mushroom industry confronts a crucial dilemma – the labor-intensive nature of mushroom harvesting. Mushrooms thrive in dark and humid environments, astonishingly doubling in size every 24 hours. Due to their delicate nature, even more fragile than tomatoes, automated processes such as picking, trimming, and packing present significant challenges. With the mushroom sector managed by innovative farmers, the demand for automated solutions is urgent, as they grapple with intricate logistics and labor issues associated with handling such a highly perishable product.

    Committed to offering a transformative solution to this issue, 4AG Robotics has already secured purchase orders from farms in Canada and Europe. The company stands at the forefront of technological advancements in mushroom harvesting automation, dedicated to enhancing efficiency and tackling labor challenges. With this recent infusion of funding, 4AG Robotics is well-positioned to take the lead globally.

    As the CEO of 4AG Robotics, Sean O’Connor, emphasizes, “We firmly believe in building a globally successful robotics company right here in Salmon Arm and are eager to expand our team. We are thrilled with the caliber of investors in this group and the wealth of knowledge and expertise they bring, particularly in the field of agricultural technology from BDC Capital and Emmertech, coupled with the fresh perspective and energy from InBC’s new fund.”

    Joseph Regan, Managing Partner of the Industrial Innovation Venture Fund at BDC Capital, expresses genuine confidence in 4AG Robotics’ potential to lead the global mushroom harvesting industry. Regan states, “Their technology not only cultivates mushrooms in a more efficient and sustainable manner but also addresses the ongoing labor challenges prevalent in the industry. We eagerly anticipate this market-driven solution for a major global problem.”


    Q: What is the new company name for TechBrew Robotics?

    A: TechBrew Robotics has rebranded as 4AG Robotics, pronounced as “Forage.”

    Q: How much funding did 4AG Robotics secure?

    A: 4AG Robotics secured $17.5 million in equity financing to accelerate the development of robotic solutions for mushroom harvesting.

    Q: Who led the transformative financing round?

    A: The financing round was led by BDC Capital’s Industrial Innovation Venture Fund and InBC Investment Corp. (InBC).

    Q: What is the primary challenge in the mushroom industry that 4AG Robotics aims to address?

    A: 4AG Robotics focuses on resolving the labor-intensive nature of mushroom harvesting, which poses significant challenges due to the delicate and perishable nature of mushrooms.

    Q: Has 4AG Robotics already gained traction with their solutions?

    A: Yes, 4AG Robotics has secured purchase orders with farms in Canada and Europe to implement their robotic solutions for mushroom harvesting.