Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Tragic Incident: Robot Fatally Injures Man in South Korea

    In a tragic and rare accident, a man lost his life after being crushed by a robot in South Korea. The incident occurred when the man, an employee at a robotics company, was conducting an inspection of the robot. Shockingly, the robot mistook the man for a box of vegetables it was programmed to handle, leading to a fatal mistake.

    According to reports, the robotic arm mistakenly identified the man as a box of vegetables and grabbed him, subsequently pushing him onto a conveyor belt. The force of the machine resulted in severe injuries to his face and chest, which proved to be fatal. Despite being rushed to the hospital, the man could not survive his injuries.

    The robot in question was assigned the task of picking boxes of peppers and transferring them to pallets. The man, responsible for testing the robot’s sensor operations before its scheduled test run, was unfortunately caught in a malfunctioning situation late into the night.

    Following this tragic incident, an official from the Donggoseong Export Agricultural Complex, the owner of the plant, emphasized the need for a “precise and safe” system. Such accidents highlight the importance of establishing stringent safety protocols when working with advanced robotics technology.


    Q: How did the accident happen?
    A: The robot mistook the man for a box of vegetables it was programmed to handle, resulting in fatal injuries.

    Q: What was the role of the man in the robotics company?
    A: The man was conducting an inspection and testing the sensor operations of the robot before its test run.

    Q: What measures need to be taken after the incident?
    A: An official stated the need to establish a “precise and safe” system to prevent similar accidents in the future.