Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
    TELUS Pollinator Fund Invests $30 Million in Promising Clean Tech Startups

    TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good, a leading sustainable investment initiative, has announced its participation in three new funding rounds totaling $30 million. The fund’s equity investments will support three innovative clean technology startups: Climate Robotics, erthos, and Plentify.

    Climate Robotics, based in Houston, is revolutionizing carbon sequestration and soil health through the use of advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. By deploying cutting-edge technology, the company aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance the sustainability of agricultural practices.

    Erthos, headquartered in Mississauga, is at the forefront of combating the global plastic pollution crisis. Through its plant-based resin alternative, the company offers a sustainable solution to traditional plastic, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing environmental impact.

    Plentify, a smart energy company with locations in South Africa and the United States, leverages the power of AI and IoT technologies to optimize energy consumption. By connecting household appliances to cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable energy sources, Plentify is driving the transition to greener and more efficient energy use.

    These strategic investments mark a significant milestone for the Pollinator Fund, bringing the total number of impact startups supported by the initiative to 30. TELUS, a global leader in sustainability, recognizes the urgency of scaling up clean tech innovations to promote zero-emission solutions.

    Blair Miller, managing partner for TELUS Pollinator Fund, emphasizes the fund’s commitment to driving sustainable change. With its readiness and capability to deploy capital swiftly, TELUS aims to accelerate the adoption of innovative, zero-emission technologies and contribute to a more sustainable future.


    What is the TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good?

    The TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good is a sustainable investment initiative focused on supporting clean technology startups that demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability.

    What are the investment rounds announced by the fund?

    The TELUS Pollinator Fund has participated in three new funding rounds, investing a total of $30 million across three clean tech startups: Climate Robotics, erthos, and Plentify.

    What are the areas of focus for the supported startups?

    Climate Robotics specializes in advanced robotics and AI for carbon sequestration and soil health. Erthos focuses on developing plant-based resin alternatives to combat plastic pollution, while Plentify leverages AI and IoT technologies for optimizing energy consumption.

    How many startups has the Pollinator Fund supported so far?

    With these recent investments, the TELUS Pollinator Fund has supported a total of 30 impactful startups in the clean tech sector.

    Why is TELUS involved in sustainable investments?

    TELUS recognizes the importance of sustainability and aims to be a global leader in promoting clean, zero-emission solutions. By investing in innovative clean technology startups, TELUS contributes to the accelerated adoption of sustainable practices and the creation of a more environmentally friendly future.