Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
    TELUS Pollinator Fund Advances Clean Technology Startups

    TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good, a Canadian investment fund, has recently made significant contributions to the growth of clean technology startups. The fund has participated in three funding rounds, with a total investment of US$30.5 million across three companies: Climate Robotics, erthos™, and Plentify.

    Climate Robotics, based in Houston, Texas, is one of the companies that received support from the Pollinator Fund. The startup specializes in employing advanced robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce carbon emissions and enhance the quality of agricultural soil. By integrating cutting-edge technology into farming practices, Climate Robotics aims to combat climate change by sequestering carbon while improving agricultural sustainability.

    Another recipient of the fund’s investments is erthos™, a company based in Mississauga, Canada. This innovative startup is dedicated to combating the global plastic pollution crisis by providing a plant-based resin alternative to traditional plastic. By promoting the use of environmentally friendly materials, erthos™ aims to reduce the harmful impact of plastic waste on the planet.

    Lastly, Plentify, a smart energy company located in South Africa and the United States, has also benefited from the Pollinator Fund’s support. Plentify utilizes the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect household appliances to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources, thereby lowering costs and improving reliability.

    These three strategic investments are part of the Pollinator Fund’s commitment to supporting impactful startups focused on addressing pressing environmental challenges. With these new additions, the fund has now provided financial backing to a total of 30 innovative companies working towards sustainability.

    Q: What kind of startups has TELUS Pollinator Fund invested in?
    A: TELUS Pollinator Fund has invested in clean technology startups, including Climate Robotics, erthos™, and Plentify.

    Q: What does Climate Robotics specialize in?
    A: Climate Robotics specializes in utilizing advanced robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) to sequester carbon and improve agricultural soil health.

    Q: What is erthos™ focused on?
    A: erthos™ is focused on addressing the global plastic pollution crisis by offering plant-based resin alternatives to traditional plastic.

    Q: What does Plentify do?
    A: Plentify is a smart energy company that connects household appliances to cleaner and more reliable energy sources using artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.