Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Introducing the Ascento Guard: A Cartoon-Esque Robotic Security Guard

    Swiss-based startup Ascento has recently unveiled its latest autonomous outdoor security robot, the Ascento Guard. What sets this robot apart from others in the industry is its unique design, featuring cartoon-esque elements such as blinking “eyes” and hazard lights positioned as eyebrows.

    The Ascento Guard’s central chassis is equipped with a pair of circular eye stand-ins that blink, mimicking human-like behavior. The rectangular, orange hazard lights further enhance the anthropomorphic design. The robot’s agile “wheel-leg” setup allows for precise movements across various terrains, making it suitable for patrolling large outdoor private properties.

    With a staff turnover rate as high as 47% in the global security industry, the Ascento Guard aims to address the lack of qualified personnel available for security enforcement. Alessandro Morra, co-founder and CEO of Ascento, states that the robot provides the “best of both worlds,” combining the capabilities of human guards and fixed installed cameras.

    Setting up an Ascento Guard reportedly requires only a few hours, after which it operates autonomously based on programmed patrol schedules. The robot can survey perimeters at a walking speed of approximately 2.8 mph and is equipped with thermal and infrared cameras to monitor for fires and break-ins. It also features on-board speakers, microphones, and video cameras for two-way communication and control of parking lots.

    While robot security guards have become increasingly common, the Ascento Guard’s anthropomorphic design stands out. This approach aims to combat potential skepticism and addresses concerns surrounding labor shortages and privacy issues. The recent funding round for Ascento, backed by industry heavyweights such as the European Space Agency incubator ESA BIC and autonomous taxi company Zoox’s founder Tim Kentley-Klay, further validates the innovative potential of the Ascento Guard.

    In conclusion, Ascento’s cartoon-esque robotic security guard offers a unique combination of functionality and design. With its humanoid features and advanced surveillance capabilities, the Ascento Guard aims to revolutionize the security industry by providing an efficient and innovative solution to address the challenges faced in security enforcement.

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