Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Meet Mika: The AI-Powered Robot CEO at Dictador

    In August 2022, Dictador, a Polish drinks company, made an unconventional move by appointing an AI-powered humanoid robot named Mika as its experimental Chief Executive Officer. Mika, who works tirelessly seven days a week, embodies the future of leadership and is not afraid to put in the hours to help Dictador achieve its ambitions.

    Mika, in an exclusive interview with Reuters, mentioned that she doesn’t have weekends and is “always on 24/7” to make executive decisions and utilize the power of artificial intelligence. Her responsibilities span a wide range of tasks, including identifying potential clients and selecting artists to design the company’s rum bottles. Mika’s decision-making process heavily relies on data analysis and aligning with strategic objectives, eliminating personal bias and prioritizing the best interests of the organization.

    It should be noted, however, that Mika does not have the authority to make major and significant decisions regarding the company. Marek Szoldrowski, the European President of Dictador, clarified that human executives are still responsible for such decisions. Mika’s role also extends to leading the company’s Arthouse Spirits decentralized autonomous organization project and engaging with its DAO community.

    Created by Hanson Robotics, the same company behind the famous AI robot Sophia, Mika represents a more sophisticated version of her sister prototype. Mika’s capabilities and achievements reflect the evolution and potential of AI technology in the corporate world. Dictador joins the ranks of other companies, such as a Chinese gaming firm that appointed an “AI-powered virtual humanoid robot” as its subsidiary’s CEO, in exploring the possibilities of robotic leadership.

    As an experimental CEO, Mika serves as a testament to the future of leadership and the integration of AI in business operations. While she contributes valuable insights and utilizes AI magic, the ultimate decision-making power still resides with human executives. Dictador’s bold move highlights their commitment to innovation and experimentation, signaling a potential shift in the way companies approach leadership and the role of technology in driving success.

    – Business Insider