Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
    More than 10,000 Young People Inspired to Pursue Robotics Careers at the National Robotarium

    The National Robotarium, the UK’s leading centre for robotics and artificial intelligence, has successfully inspired over 10,000 young people to consider a career in robotics. Through a series of engaging activities and interactive sessions, the National Robotarium showcased the possibilities in the field of robotics and allowed children to experience first-hand the groundbreaking research being conducted there.

    One pupil named Libby, who visited the National Robotarium, expressed their excitement, stating that the activities were not only fun but also provided insights into the impact robotics has on our world. Libby even mentioned that they are now contemplating robotics as a potential career choice.

    The National Robotarium, a £22.4 million facility located in Edinburgh, is home to scientists working on innovative inventions and cutting-edge technologies that aim to solve real-world challenges. Sabaht Bashir, the schools engagement co-lead at the National Robotarium, highlighted the center’s mission to inspire the next generation of roboticists and AI pioneers. By showcasing the ways in which robots can enhance human capabilities, the National Robotarium hopes to contribute to the betterment of society.

    In addition to its research initiatives, the National Robotarium has been actively engaging with young learners. Over 50 in-person and virtual events have been organized to increase the participation of disadvantaged students and foster greater gender diversity in STEM subjects at universities. The center offers a range of activities, including virtual reality experiences and interactions with robots, such as the popular robot dog, Spot.

    Mr. Cooper, a teacher from Knightswood Secondary School in Glasgow, praised the National Robotarium for its eye-opening activities. He mentioned that the immersive reality experiences and encounters with robots allowed students to explore the potential applications of these technologies. The experience left a lasting impact on the students, with many now seriously considering pursuing careers in robotics.

    The National Robotarium’s efforts to inspire young learners in the field of robotics are not only aimed at creating a more diverse and inclusive industry but also at equipping future generations with the skills and knowledge necessary to shape a safer, healthier, and more productive world.

    – The National Robotarium
    – Colin Hattersley