Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
    Meet Romania’s Award-Winning Robotics Team: Auto Vortex

    Auto Vortex, a robotics team from Romania, has been making waves in the international robotics scene, with their recent victory at the USA International Robotics Championship. Led by their coach, Valentin IonuČ› Panea, a finance teacher from Bucharest University of Economic Studies, the team has achieved tremendous success through their innovative approach to STEM education.

    Initially started 13 years ago in Panea’s garage, the Auto Vortex team consists of high school students aged 13 to 18. They have participated in various robotic competitions around the world, winning awards in countries such as the Netherlands, Libya, Germany, Jamaica, France, and South Korea. This year, they competed in the International Robotics Championship with three divisions, including an all-girls team that made it to the semi-finals.

    What sets Auto Vortex apart is the freedom Panea gives to the students to play, explore, and experiment. This non-traditional approach, combined with hard work and dedication, has proven to be successful. The students learn not only the intricacies of STEM education but also valuable skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and self-reliance.

    However, the road to success hasn’t been without its challenges. Funding the team’s participation in competitions and travel expenses has mostly been covered by the parents and Panea himself. Finding sponsors in Romania has been difficult, but they have secured some funding from foreign companies with offices in the country.

    According to Panea, STEM education in Romania is poorly implemented at the national level. Programming classes often teach outdated languages without enough emphasis on practical application and problem-solving. The Auto Vortex team aims to fill these gaps in education and foster a passion for learning and competition on a global scale.

    As the team continues to achieve international recognition, their goal is not only to maintain their success but also to bring a robotics competition to Romania. They aspire to reward and recognize the best talents in the country, while also creating opportunities for students to work and gain practical experience. With government support and investment, Auto Vortex dreams of establishing a robot factory and a practical-focused university in Romania.

    Auto Vortex serves as an inspiration for other initiatives in innovation and STEM education in Romania. The team’s future plans align with the country’s potential to become a leader in STEM fields, by retaining talented students and offering them opportunities for growth and development within their home country.

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