Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
    Introducing Archax: The Ultimate Giant Robot Made in Japan

    The ultra-wealthy have no shortage of extravagant toys at their disposal, but what about those who are more into anime than motorsports? Meet the Tsubame Archax, a 15-foot-tall, $3 million mecha that will fulfill the dreams of any Gundam fan. While it may not have jet boosters or laser swords, this robot is still an impressive feat of engineering.

    Developed by Yokohama-based company Tsubame over the course of four years, Archax made its debut at the Japan Mobility Show. The first thing you’ll notice about it is its sheer size, towering over other vehicles with its impressive frame. But what sets Archax apart is its ability to transform from Robot mode to Vehicle mode and back again, just like the Autobots.

    In Robot mode, Archax stands at its full height of 15 feet, while in Vehicle mode, it spreads its four legs apart, lowering its center of gravity for maximum speed. Each leg is equipped with an electric motor and a Yokohama industrial tire, allowing it to roll around at a top speed of approximately 6mph.

    The transformation process is a sight to behold, with electric motors throughout the chassis working in tandem to lift the 3.5-ton machine to its full height. And just like in the Gundam series, the cockpit has a dramatic opening mechanism, with multiple hatches moving in sync to provide access to the lone driver’s chair inside.

    While Archax may be a high-priced toy for now, Tsubame has bigger plans for the future. Once all five units of Archax are sold out, the company aims to organize robot combat competitions using virtual reality technology. Imagine real robots engaging in battles on a real battlefield, but carried out using VR technology. It’s an exciting prospect that will revolutionize the world of robot fighting.

    Furthermore, Tsubame envisions a future where humanoid robots like Archax are utilized in space exploration, particularly on the Moon. Inspired by their experience with construction and excavation machines on Earth, Tsubame sees the potential for robots to perform specialized tasks efficiently on a moon base.

    While the current capabilities of Archax are limited to lifting objects and basic movements, it is only the beginning for Tsubame’s ambitions. Archax represents the convergence of technology and entertainment, offering a glimpse into the exciting possibilities of robotics in the future.

    Q: How much does Archax cost?
    A: Archax is priced at $3 million.

    Q: What is the top speed of Archax?
    A: In Vehicle mode, Archax can reach a maximum speed of 6mph.

    Q: Can Archax walk?
    A: Archax has four legs, but it moves on wheels rather than walking.

    Q: Are there plans for robot combat competitions with Archax?
    A: Yes, Tsubame intends to organize robot fights using virtual reality technology.

    Q: Will Archax be used in space exploration?
    A: Tsubame envisions humanoid robots like Archax being utilized in future space exploration.