Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
    Revolutionizing Manufacturing with the World’s First Dual-Arm Autonomous Robotic Sanding Cell

    New Paris, Ind. – BetterWay Products, a leading supplier of composite components to various industries, has taken a groundbreaking step in addressing labor shortages and improving production efficiency. By collaborating with GrayMatter Robotics, BetterWay Products Inc. has successfully deployed an advanced AI-powered dual-arm robotic solution that has transformed the manufacturing process.

    Introducing Scan&Sand™, an autonomous system developed by GrayMatter Robotics. This innovative solution combines the power of artificial intelligence with industrial robotics and sophisticated sensing capabilities, creating the world’s first dual-arm autonomous robotic sanding cell. Scan&Sand™ is a game-changer for manufacturing operations, particularly in sanding processes, as it significantly increases speed, consistency, and overall effectiveness.

    One of the remarkable features of Scan&Sand™ is its user-friendly interface, allowing operators with no prior robotics or automation experience to easily navigate and operate the system. The implementation of this cutting-edge solution has yielded remarkable results for BetterWay Products. They have observed a 4x increase in throughput, a reduction of consumable usage by ⅓, and a reduced onboarding time from 2 months to just 1 day. These improvements not only alleviate workforce stress but also boost overall efficiency.

    At the heart of Scan&Sand™ lies GMR-AI, GrayMatter’s physics-informed AI. This technology enables robots to program themselves efficiently and operate safely in high-mix, high-variability manufacturing environments. The seamless integration of GMR-AI into existing operations optimizes efficiency without causing disruption.

    Scan&Sand™ is a pioneering development in the specialty vehicles and marine manufacturing industry. It sets new standards in surface finishing and high-mix manufacturing, making it an invaluable tool for BetterWay Products and the marine industry as a whole. By being the first to adopt this cutting-edge solution, BetterWay Products continues to solidify their position as industry leaders and innovators.

    To learn more about GrayMatter Robotics and their revolutionary Scan&Sand™ system, visit their website at

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is Scan&Sand™?

    A: Scan&Sand™ is an autonomous robotic system developed by GrayMatter Robotics, designed for sanding processes in manufacturing.

    Q: How does Scan&Sand™ improve manufacturing operations?

    A: Scan&Sand™ increases speed, consistency, and overall effectiveness in sanding processes, leading to improved efficiency and reduced onboarding time.

    Q: What is GMR-AI?

    A: GMR-AI is the physics-informed artificial intelligence developed by GrayMatter Robotics. It allows robots to program themselves efficiently and operate safely in complex manufacturing environments.

    Q: Is Scan&Sand™ user-friendly?

    A: Yes, Scan&Sand™ features a user-friendly interface that enables operators with no prior robotics or automation experience to operate the system with ease.