Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
    A Tragic Standoff Shakes a Peaceful Austin Neighborhood: A Story of Loss and Community Connection

    Tragedy struck a quiet South Austin neighborhood when a standoff ended in the deaths of three family members and a brave SWAT officer. The incident left the community in shock, as residents remembered the family as compassionate, close-knit, and actively involved in community matters. “It’s truly heartbreaking. We knew them well,” expressed neighbor Reginald Voglezon. “They were exceptional individuals.”

    In the early hours of November 11th, Austin police SWAT officers responded to a distressing situation at 9308 Bernoulli Drive. A man had barricaded himself in the home with two individuals and had tragically stabbed a third person who managed to escape. As the officers entered the premises, the assailant opened fire, targeting the police. In response, the SWAT officers returned fire, resulting in two officers being shot. Tragically, Officer Jorge Pastore lost his life during the exchange, and another officer, who has not been identified, was injured. The assailant, Ahmed Mohamed Nassar, was fatally shot by the police.

    Inside the home, the bodies of Eyman Ahmed Elnemr-Nassar and Riad Mohamed Nassar were discovered. The injured woman who had been stabbed was immediately rushed to the hospital. The public has come to know that Ahmed Nassar was the son of Eyman Ahmed Elnemr-Nassar and the brother of Riad Mohamed Nassar. Reports from neighbors indicate that Omneya Nassar, Ahmed’s sister, was the 911 caller who managed to escape the home after being stabbed.

    The Bernoulli Drive community was vilified by this senseless tragedy. For more than two decades, the Voglezon family had lived near the Nassar family, describing them as private yet kind individuals. The Nassars had even shared meals with their neighbors during Ramadan, exemplifying their generosity. Mohamed Nassar, a compassionate father, had once accompanied Reginald Voglezon to a doctor’s appointment. The bond between the families extended to community endeavors, such as serving together on the homeowners association board and awarding the esteemed yard of the month designation.

    Riad Nassar, a tech professional with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in computer science, dedicated his spare time to judging robotics competitions and teaching robotics to children in Central Texas. He was heavily involved with the civic and social organization Black UX, which facilitated connections between user experience professionals and members of the African heritage community in Austin.

    Omneya Nassar, Riad’s twin sister, currently works as a lecturer in chemistry and biochemistry at Texas State University. Her commitment to academia is evident through her Ph.D. from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. The Voglezons fondly recalled her father, Mohamed Nassar, frequently staying with her in an apartment in Galveston.

    The tragic event has raised questions about Ahmed Nassar’s behavior in the past year that neighbors found concerning. Formerly friendly and sociable, he grew increasingly distant, avoiding eye contact and becoming aloof. Reginald Voglezon attributed this change in demeanor to Nassar’s struggle to find employment.

    Clarifying some inaccuracies, the Austin Police Department denied reports that Ahmed Nassar was on an FBI watchlist. However, it was confirmed that the authorities received a tip in 2015 regarding suspicious activity related to him. Following an investigation, no criminal connections were found, and surveillance was discontinued.

    The morning of the incident, the Voglezon family, along with other neighbors, were abruptly awoken by the commotion outside their homes. Despite initially believing it to be a dream, they soon discovered the alarming reality when officers notified them of the nearby incident. Taking their pets, they evacuated to a nearby gas station, anxiously awaiting updates. Hours later, they were able to return to their homes, although shaken by the tragic events.

    The Bernoulli Drive neighborhood now grapples with the sorrow of losing a whole family so suddenly. The memory of the Nassar family, with their warmth and benevolence, will forever remain in the hearts of those fortunate enough to know them. This devastating event reminds us of the fragility of life and the importance of appreciating the connections we share within our communities.


    1. What happened during the standoff in the South Austin neighborhood?

    A standoff in a South Austin neighborhood resulted in the deaths of three family members and a SWAT officer. The assailant barricaded himself in a home, where he stabbed one person and shot at police officers. A SWAT team was called in, and during the exchange, two officers were shot, and one officer, Jorge Pastore, tragically lost his life.

    2. Who were the people involved in the incident?

    The people who died during the standoff were Eyman Ahmed Elnemr-Nassar, Riad Mohamed Nassar, and Ahmed Mohamed Nassar, who was the assailant. The injured person was not identified by name. Eyman Elnemr-Nassar was the mother of Ahmed Nassar and Riad Nassar. Riad Nassar was Ahmed’s brother, and Omneya Nassar, their sister, managed to escape and call 911 after being stabbed.

    3. How did the community describe the Nassar family?

    Neighbors described the Nassar family as compassionate, private, and involved in community activities. They were known for their kindness and generosity, often sharing meals with neighbors during Ramadan. Mohamed Nassar, the father, was regarded as a wonderful person who cared about others’ well-being.

    4. What changes did neighbors notice in Ahmed Nassar?

    Neighbors reported that Ahmed Nassar’s demeanor changed significantly in the past year. He became more withdrawn, not greeting neighbors and avoiding eye contact. This change in behavior surprised those who knew him as a friendly and sociable person. Some speculated that the change was linked to his struggle to find employment.

    5. Was Ahmed Nassar on an FBI watchlist?

    Contrary to some media reports, the Austin Police Department confirmed that Ahmed Nassar was not on an FBI watchlist. There had been a tip in 2015 regarding suspicious activity, but no criminal connections were found during the investigation.

    (Source: Austin American-Statesman)