Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
    Canadian Start-Up Uses Robotics and AI to Reproduce Artwork at Scale

    Acrylic Robotics, a Montreal-based art-tech start-up, is revolutionizing the way painters share their artwork by harnessing the power of robotics and artificial intelligence. Chloe Ryan, the CEO and founder of Acrylic Robotics, was inspired to create the company after realizing that other art forms have ways to reproduce at scale, leaving painters restricted to original copies.

    Initially, Ryan built a robot to assist her in painting faster, but she soon recognized the potential to make this technology accessible to all artists. Her innovative direction was driven by the question of how to create painted art at scale while supporting independent artists and making fine art more accessible.

    The answer came in the form of a digital system that allows artists to track all their brush strokes digitally. With this system, artists can upload brush stroke data and Acrylic robots can meticulously reproduce the original painting using paint brush attachments. This means that instead of selling a single original artwork at a high price point, artists can offer a limited edition collection that is more affordable for a wider audience without compromising their income.

    At a recent exhibit in Toronto, Acrylic Robotics demonstrated its robotic technology. A robotic arm with a paint brush attachment reproduced an image on a blank canvas based on digital files. Nearly identical to the original artwork, the robotically replicated painting contained slight imperceptible discrepancies, which Ryan explained adds to the charm of the project.

    Research conducted by Acrylic Robotics revealed that artists appreciate a certain degree of imperfection in the reproductions, as it adds a unique and meaningful touch to each piece. Although each artwork may have slight inconsistencies due to the way paints mix and the dipping of the brush, the goal is to ensure that all replicas are virtually identical. The company has a quality assurance process in place and sometimes removes pieces that do not meet their standards.

    Acrylic Robotics is bridging the gap between traditional painting and technology by providing artists with a way to reproduce their artwork at scale. This innovative approach benefits both artists and art enthusiasts, making fine art more accessible and affordable.

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